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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

3 Style Area Cup - Opening Report

It was a few days ago that some of the EFPT team set foot on Lesvos. Even though the island is one of the biggest in Greece, the name is still remains small in the windsurfing scene. Marcel Simon, owner of the Sigri Surf Center saw the bay of Sigri just a few years ago and knew immediately that he wanted to build up his own business here. In fact his choice proved to be a great one, as this part of the island is blessed by the famous Greek wind, the Meltemi which blows very consistently throughout all the summer months. The hospitality of the people in the village is outstanding and with it's traditional lifestyle, Sigri differs from other partly overcrowded spots in Greece.


Although Meltemi is usually the strongest in the months of July and August, there have been some lower wind days in the last week. While beginners and free-riders had an amazing time in the flat waters of the bay, the freestyle riders who only work with smaller sails had to pump themselves into their maneuvers. A few days passed, which gave the organizers the perfect opportunity to prepare for the event. The well known Meltemi returned at the perfect time as the majority of competitors showed up in the last 48 hours.

The competitors, coming from nine different European countries made the most of Sigri Surf Center's chilled out atmosphere, preparing their equipment and themselves to be ready for the upcoming three days. Amongst them Andraz Zan (F2), a Slovenian sailor, who ran one of his popular clinics (http://www.andrazzan.com/news.html)in Sigri last year. With a lot of experience about the spot he was one of the first people on the water this morning. Highlighting the freestyle area, where the water is perfectly flat and the wind funnels through rocks located on each side, he didn't stay alone for long. Riders grabbed their 4.8/5.2s and their boards they felt most comfortable on and joined Andraz to show some crazy freestyle action that was all new to the waters of this bay. 

We saw Youp Schmit (JP/Neilpryde) from Bonaire spinning through some sick aerial moves and Davy Scheffers doubling up everything alongside experienced riders from Germany, Tilo Eber (JP/Neilpryde) and Adrian Beholz, who recently signed up to Fanatic. Also young and uprising sailors like Michi Krumm (North/Fanatic), Korbinian Obermeyer (F2), Valentin Böckler (Starboard) and Marco Lufen (JP/Neilpryde) seized the windy day to measure their skills. Solid performances were seen by Adam Gavriel from Israel as well as from UK freestyle champion Adam Sims and the Greek Fanatic riders Bathrelos Teo and Promponas Stam. 

The atmosphere on the water was amazing and every landed move was accompanied by cheering and whistling. When the wind backed off and everybody was back on the beach, the race director Tom Hartmann decided to set the registration for 5.00 pm with the possibility of some additional registration tomorrow morning, as the last competitors will arrive late tonight. 

The skippers meeting has been scheduled for 9.00 am tomorrow morning with the first possible start at 10.00 am. 


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