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Winners of the DAM7 tow-in! 1st: Gollito Estredo, 2nd Kiri Thode, 3rd Max  Matissek Most Different rider Arrianne Aukes

3 Style Area Cup -Day 1

A classic day in Sigri, Greece as the winds kicked in about 11.00 am allowing for the full single elimination to be complete. Later on the double got underway and three heats were seen before the wind decided to turn off for the day. Throughout the day many riders pushed their way through the rounds to achieve some personal best results, also quite a few competitors had the chance to hit the water for their first ever heat. One such rider, Marco Lufen (JP/Neilpryde), managed to impress with nice shakas, funnels and a full repertoire of sliding moves, combined with his flow and rare crashes he really shone in these conditions. The day progressed and emotions were mixed as some riders made their way further and others were stopped in their tracks. 

The outstanding performance of the Slovenian sailor Andraz Zan (F2/F2) was also highlighted by the judges as he went through all of his heats up to the semi final showing switch sliding and ducking maneuvers on both tacks. Not even strong sailing Adrian Beholz (Fanatic) from Germany could stop him and had to leave the third place to the F2 rider, whilst he managed to take out top level sailor Tilo Eber (JP/Neilpryde) a round before.

Therefor Tilo ended up in 5th position, which he is sharing with Max Matissek (Fanatic) from Austria who showed an extremely strong performance throughout all of his heats. Going for Burners, Konos, Culos, Shakas, Funnels and a big diversity of sliding moves the rider proved that his intense winter training and the gained contest experience paid off.

In the end the final was reached and Davy Scheffers was to face Youp Schmit (JP/Neilpryde) after showing the door to each previous competitor.

As the wind turned rather to the light side just as the green flag went up for the final, the riders seemed a bit underpowered at first, choosing their 4.8 and small boards. The gusts which were funneling through the rocks were still strong enough and provided the base for some of the best action seen today. Youp battled his way through the heat throwing out massively tweaked shove-it spokes, air funnels, high culos off nothing and several combinations. Just like him, the Dutch sailor Davy Scheffers was keeping the judges busy, who hardly dared to stop and look at their sheets to write down his firework of moves. Eventually Davy managed to beat the strong sailing Bonairean Youp who will have another chance to fight back in the double elimination.

The wind played a terrible game on the riders, dropping just as the first heats of the double elimination started. Especially for the riders of heat 26B, the Austrian Mauricio Alvarez was up against Swiss rider Jeremy Plüss who were both given a hard time having to re-sail two times. The Meltemi finally filled in for the last time at around 5.30 pm allowing the heat to see its last re-sail, whereupon Jeremy advanced to the next round.

Race director Tom Hartmann decided to finish the day shortly afterwards and released the riders. 

The skippers meeting for tomorrow was scheduled for 9.00 am with the first possible start at 9.30 as the wind tends to kick in a bit earlier here in Sigri, dropping off a bit during the day. First heat on the water shall be Adam Sims from the UK against Teo Bathrelos (Fanatic) and newcomer Marco Lufen (JP/Neilpryde) against Stefano Damianos from Greece. We are expecting stronger conditions than today and therefor more crazy combinations and strong fight backs.

Stay tuned.

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