Current discipline: Freestyle
Divisions: Men
Conditions: 15-22 knots, Gusty but contestable
Format: Mens Freestyle

LIVETICKER DAY 3 30-04-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

18:00 The crowds have gathering on the shores of the lake so we will run a tow-in show as the sun goes down.

17:00 WE HAVE OUR WINNER! With Van Broeckhoven making it all the way to the final, we had a hotly contested last heat. However, In the end Lennart Neubauer managed to overcome Steven’s momentum to take the event win.

15:40 Only 4 riders left in it. Van Broeckhoven stopped a charging Caers, to now take it up against Sam Esteve for a podium spot.

15:00 The double is steaming ahead. Mathias Vingaard takes down Tim Gerdes after a heat resail to become a serious dark horse of this competition.

13:00 We have finished rounds 1 and 2. Notable performances so far are Jamie Howard who is on a absolute tear.

11:15 We are into the first heats of the double elimination.

10:30 We have completed the single. 1st Neubauer, 2nd Testa, 3rd Esteve, 4th Van Broeckhoven. We are going into the double.

08:00 Wind remains light. We are still standing by.

06:15 The wind is not yet here but the sun has rising and conditions are expected to build. We will wait to start until conditions improve.

06:00 Skippers meeting is underway.

LIVETICKER DAY 2 29-04-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

20:20 The sun has set and riders are being released for the day. Early skippers tomorrow at 06:00 as there is some potential wind around the corner.

18:00 Tow-in training is underway

15:00 Another squall is on its way which might potentially bring some wind. Standby for updates.

13:00 A rain squall has come in so we are going on hold.

11:00 We will be running Team Tow-in training in preparation for tomorrow qualifiers

10:30 Good morning everyone and welcome to day 2 of the EFPT X Surf Opening from here in Austria. We have glassy conditions on the lake, so we will be running tow-in training in a new teams format. Head to our socials to keep up-to-date with the days events.

LIVETICKER DAY 1 28-04-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

18:30 We have released the riders for the day as conditions have continued to deteriorate. Stay tuned for the highlights!

14:30 We have gone onto standby as the wind has dropped too much to run heats. Next heat to run will be Esteve vs Testa

13:50 Lennart Neubauer advances into the final and relegates Steven van Broeckhoven to the small final

13:15 The quarter finals are over. Our final 4 are Neubauer, Van Broeckhoven, Esteve and Testa

12:30 Round 2 is complete. Advancing is Kempen, Neubauer, Czech, Van Broeckhoven, Schmit, Esteve, Kort and Testa

11:00 Round 1 is complete. Advancing is Lennart Neubauer, Jamie Howard, George Grisley and Nigel Hart

10:40 WE ARE ON. You can follow the action on the webcam and livescoring.

10:00 Wind is building. Waiting for conditions to improve

09:50 First possible start 10:00, 8 minute heats

09:30 Skippers meeting is underway

09:00 The riders have registered and are now rigging as conditions are building. Skippers meeting at 09:30

08:00 Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of the EFPT Austria 2023. More information coming soon..