Current discipline: Foilstyle
Divisions: Men and Women
Conditions: Cross-shore winds of 5-15 knots
Format: Foilstyle single elimination. 4 moves count towards a total score, there is no distinction between tacks.


18.30 That’s it for the event! Thank you for following and we will see you back next year at Tropical Corner in Geneva.

17.00 After a nice show for the crowd, the riders are now preparing for the prize giving ceremony at 18.00

15.30 Tow-in Super Session is on at 16.00!

14.30 There is a possibility for a Tow-in Super Session if the wind does not improve. Race Director Danny Kater has some fun ideas for a new challenge. More on it when the session is confirmed.

14.00 Still no improvement. Riders are still on standby.

12.45 We are seeing some tow-in foilstyle from the guys. Conditions are not improving enough. Next announcement 13.15, first possible start 13.30.

12.00 No improvement yet, the Müller brothers are going out to check the conditions.

11.30 The competition area is set and the judges are out on the boat. Currently waiting for the wind to improve. Next announcement 11.45.

10.10 After a relatively early skippers meeting, the riders are now on standby to run the Foilstyle. There is a chance for wind this afternoon.


19.15 That’s it! What a showdown! Yentel Caers takes the win, Lennart Neubauer takes second becoming European Tow-in Champion and Sam Esteve is third!

18.06 Check the livestream to see whats happening!

18.05 Adam Sims starts with a Culo!

17.55 Anticipation is starting to build on the beach! Also we have a surprise for you! Ben Proffitt will go live from the riders dock in front of Tropical Corner.

17.00 We’ve seen a lot of crashes as the riders are testing how far they can push it in the final. Let’s see what the final showdown brings!

16.20 The first practice runs are happening! Foivos Tsoupras looks on form for the upcoming final.

15.30 Riders are getting ready for the open training at 16.00. 

14.00 Skippers meeting has been moved to 15.00. We will have an open training between 16.00-17.00 and the final starting, as scheduled, at 18.00.

11.00 Welcome to day 3 of the EFPT Geneva! Skippers meeting will be at 14.00 with the final starting at 18.00!


19.10 That’s it for today! Advancing through to the final are Esteve, Caers, Neubauer, Tsoupras, Pluess and Sims. See you tomorrow at the finals which start at 6PM!

19.04 Yentel Caers goes for a double Air Culo Diablo… Sam Esteve basically completes a triple air rotation and Lennart Neubauer gets some of the most travel on a st Kono that we’ve seen in a long time!

19.00 Adam Sims with a super high double Air Culo attempt!

18.54 Foivos goes for a sick no handed burner! He surely sent it!

18.48 It’s time for the last category: Send it!!!

18.34 Sam Esteve throws down a double Air Culo. Not completely rotated but surely will get him points. Yentel Caers goes all the way and lands a super clean version of the move.

18.29 Adam Sims goes for a Culo! Let’s see what the judges think of that.

18.18 Foivos Tsoupras does an impressive in the straps start but doesnt like the wave set up and bails. He is now allowed to re-do his run.

18.05 First up, Michi Naef with his foilboard. He loses the strap in the air amd crashes an otherwise sick backflip.

17.59 The riders are getting ready and we are about to start… First up will be the Regular category where riders have to do regular stance moves like Kono’s and Culo’s

17.06 we are going into a break now. At 18.00 the next two categories are run: Regular and Send!

17.05 After two runs Lennart Neubauer takes the lead. Followed by Sam Esteve and Yentel Caers. Foivos Tsoupras, Jeremy Pluess and Adam Sims are closing off the top 6 that is currently qualifying. 

17.00 Yentel Caers, Sam Esteve and Lennart Neubauer all choose the Airfunnel Burner Combo. 

16.53 Adam Sims tries to time a spock Culo so that the Culo is off of the wave. Unfortunately he fails in what would have been the nicest combo so far

16.49 Tsoupras does a massive funnel into Airfunnel. Should propel him to the top of the leaderboard!

16.43 Newcomer Lucie Honegger goes for a burner! Very impressive from the young Swiss rider. Val Erzen goes for the double funnel but doesnt make it around the second rotation.

16.40 Next category: Combo! Lets see what the riders come up with!

16.39 Correction, Esteve takes the Air category

16.36 Lennart Neubauer is surely taking the win in the Air category with his run…

16.32 Sam Esteve lands a massive 2.5 rotation. Yentel Caers loses the board in the air. 

16.27 Michael Naef goes on his foil, without a sail or wing, and attempts a backflip! Lets see how the judges like that seeing that we are running a windsurf competition…

16.23 Adam Sims is back in the tow-in discipline and goes for a huge Culo.

16.18 Nicholas Mzemer goes fully vertical hoping to impress the judges with the height of the board.

16.15 Foivos Tsoupras goes into a super high st Kono and gains a lot of Air!

16.13 Next up is Lina’s brother Val. He travels a bit further but not higher, securing himself a little les points in the Air category

16.12 After a failed first attempt, Lina Erzen sends it amd goes for a rotation off the wave!

16.10 Next up is Lucie Honegger. She goes for a chophop off the wave as well!

16.06 Farrah goes for a chophop to get as much air as possible.

16.00 And we’re off! First up, American Farrah Hall going for her move in the Air category.

15.00 No improvement in the conditions for Foilstyle. The Tow-in qualification will start at 16.00. 

10.00 Good morning at the second day of the EFPT Geneva Foilstyle event! Skippers meeting will be at 13.00 with potential Foilstyle action in the afternoon, and the Tow-in qualifications in the evening.


19.00 After a successful tow-in session it is time to close out the day. Tomorrow we will see the proper tow-in competition starting with qualifying. Skipper’s meeting at 13.00. See you there!

17.30 Unfortunately the conditions did not improve enough. Check out @efptour on instagram for an impression of the waiting period on the water. The Foilstyle has been called off and we are now going back into Tow-in training for tomorrows competition.

15.00 Training is finished. We are seeing a lot of potential for the main show with some riders going for triple air moves! We are now on standby for the Foilstyle. The wind has turned in the right direction, it just needs to increase in strength now.

13.30 Tow-in training session starting now!

12.00 At the Skippers Meeting race director Danny Kater shared the schedule with us. At 13.30 there will be a tow-in training session till 14.30. After that the window opens for some foilstyle competition when the wind allows.

8.00 Good morning at the GVA Wind Festival! Skippers Meeting is at 11.00. Forecast looks promising for some action in the afternoon!