Current discipline: Freestyle

Note: This liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes if ticker is online!

13:30 Conditions are not good enough to start with the competition. We will run a supercross session for the pros and the juniors. First possible start 14:30.

10:00 Welcome to the last day of the EFPT Lanzarote. We are on 15mins announcements to start a second single elimination for the U16 and U18 divisions.


18:00 End of the day! Caers takes victory and is officially the EFPT champion of 2019! With 3 event wins he extended his lead that much, that even with one event to go. none of the other riders will be able to push him off the throne anymore.

17:10 Caers defeats Bosson! We’ll see both guys sail again in a superfinal. One heat break.

17:00 Final heat of the pro fleet on the water again: Yentel Caers against Adrien Bosson.

16:40 Final heat with Adrien Bosson against Yentel Caers had to get cancelled due to the dropping wind. In the U18 division Nil Bacon Aubert will sail a superfinal against Eugenio Marconi.

16:00 Semifinal of the U18 division is currently running. We are also down to the last two heats in the pro division. Antony Ruenes has been on an absolute run through the double and will face Yentel Caers in heat 34.

15:00 It’s on. Heatduration is 10 minutes, 3 moves counting each tack.

14:15 Conditions improved a bit, warm up flags will be up at 14:45. Heat 31: Van Broeckhoven against Ruenes.

13:00 No real improvement in conditions.

12:30 We remain on 15mins announcements. Wind is still too light.

12:00 We stick to 15mins announcements. The clouds seem to keep the wind from fully filling in.

11:30 Heat 31 with Van Broeckhoven against Ruenes had to be cancelled. The wind is just not quite there and we want to have a good quality for the remaining heats. We are on hold now.

11:00 Competition is running! Juniors U16 double elimination Heat 18 is on the water first, next U16 heat after that Heat 31 of the pro fleet with Steven Van Broeckhoven against Antony Ruenes.

10:00 Welcome to the penultimate day of the EFPT Lanzarote. Skippers meeting is on right now, first possible start is schedulded for 10:30. It’s low tide at the moment, wind looks like it’s filling in – we are waiting for the first guys to hit the water to determine if conditions will be suitable to run the competition.


18:00 End of the day, unfortunately conditions didn’t get suitable anymore. Skippers meeting tomorrow 10:00 am, first possible start 10:30 am.

17:15 Next announcement in 15 mins. Wind is still too light.

16:30 Heat 31 has been cancelled due to the decreasing wind. We stay on stand-by for now and wait for the conditions to improve again.

16:00 First Junior heat is in the water. One heat break for the pros. The wind has been dropping a bit, but the heat duration of 10 minutes and 3 moves counting each tack will still make a fair competition possible.

15:00 Livestream is up and rolling. We’ll have live commentary, two cameras and a drone up for you in half an hour to give you the best possible view on the final heats of the double elimination.

14:00 Next heat on the water Marco Vinante against Dimitris Bratanov and Marco Lufen against Stefan de Bell.

13:55 End of the first heat of the day. Conditions look like they are improving now, with the sun showing more and more. Thode and Marca advance.

13:45 Green flag for heat 22 A and 22 B is up.

13:30 Flags for the warm up heat are up. First heat will be on the water at 13:45. Dudu Levi against Riccardo Marca and Kiri Thode against Aleksandr Sorokin.

13:00 Next announcement 13:15, first possible start 13:30. There’s been a slight improvement in the conditions.

12:30 Next announcement 13:00, first possible start 13:30.

12:00 Next announcement 12:30, first possible start 13:00.

10:00 Welcome everyone to the 2nd day of the EFPT Lanzarote 2019