Current discipline: Freestyle
Divisions: Men and Women
Conditions: tbc
Format: Freestyle 


01-05-2022 11:00  Good Morning from Lake Neusiedl. It’s the last day of the event and as unfortunately the forecast doesn’t show any wind for the day the official pizegiving ceremony will be held at 14:00. We will have a Pre-Show on the Livestream for you running from 13:00. Make sure to tune in and join us there.


30-04-2022 19:00  Its a Wrap for Day 4. Thanks for tuning in and make sure to join us tomorrow for the prizegiving here at Lake Neusiedl.

30-04-2022 16:30 We are LIVE with today’s Tow-In Action. Tune in !!!

30-04-2022 15:30 Tow-In Training has started. 1 h left until our Pre-Show starts. Make sure to tune into our Livestream via our Website, on Youtube or FB at 16:30. Crazy action is waiting for you.

30-04-2022 09:00 Good Morning everyone and welcome to day 4. Skipper’s meeting will be at 12:00. Training Session for Tow-In takes place from 15:30-16:30 and the Tricks 4 Cash Showdown will be live-streamed from 18:30-19:30. Follow us on our social channels and on our website.


29-04-2022 19:30: That’s it for Day 3 – Unfortunately not enough wind to finish the double elimination, but some great action on the Tow-In Show. Tomorrow we will have more Tow-In Action for you. There is another Training Session for Tow-In from 15:30-16:30 and the Tricks 4 Cash Showdown will be live-streamed from 17:30. See you tomorrow.

29-04-2022 17:30 We are live with the Trick 4 Cash Tow-In Show. Make sure to tune in.

29-04-2022 14:30 Unfortunately it does not look like the wind will come through. So we will do a Trick 4 $ Tow-In Show. There will be a Livestream of the Tow-In-Training from 16:00-17:00 and a Livestream Show with commentary from 17:30-19:00. Make sure to tune in and watch the action live.  

29-04-2022 13:00 Next announcement 13:00, first possible start 14:00.

29-04-2022 12:00 Next announcement 13:00, first possible start 14:00.

29-04-2022 11:30 Next announcement 12:00, first possible start 13:00.

29-04-2022 11:00 Next announcement 11:30, first possible start 12:00.

29-04-2022 10:30 Next announcement 11:00, first possible start 11:30.

29-04-2022 10:00 Not enough wind yet. Next announcement 10:30, first possible start 11:00.

29-04-2022 09:30 Welcome to day 3. We are currently on standby with 30min announcements to wait for conditions improve. Next announcement 10:00, first possible start 10:30.


28-04-2022 19:00 It’s a Wrap for Day 2 here. The wind has not come back and all riders got officially released for today. Tomorrow’s skippers meeting will be at 8:00 with a first possible start of action at 9:00. Make sure to tune in and follow our livestream and social channels.

28-04-2022 18:00 After getting quite far into the double elimination, it seems like the wind has turned off for now. There is only a few heats missing on both (men and women) sides to complete the double. A few great comebacks during this elimination, with all the riders doing their best in such light and gusty conditions . Riders are back on standby at the beach now. We’ll wait a little longer to see if there is another chance for wind, before we will call it a day. 

28-04-2022 14:00 Action is full on today. We have just finished the Single Elimination. For the Men we have the following results: 1st Jacopo Testa, 2nd Yentel Cares, 3nd Dieter van der Eyken, 4th Antoine Albert. For the Women the results are: 1st Maaike Huvermann, 2nd Lina Erzen, 3rd Lisa Kloster, 4th Hanna Poschinger

28-04-2022 09:00 It looks like the wind is picking up slowly as we are starting into Round 2 of the Mens Single Elimination.

28-04-2022 08:25 Also Heat 3 and 5 are completed. Van Broekhoven, Czech, Testa and Kempen advance.

28-04-2022 08:00 Also Heat 2 and 3 are completed. Cares, Bamnolker, van der Ecken und Volkhardt advance.

28-04-2022 07:30 We are ON with the action. Wind is on the edge but enough to give it a go. Heat 1 has just been sailed with Sam Esteve and Matteo Testa advancing to the next round. Heat 2 sailing now.

28-04-2022 06:00 Good morning everyone and welcome to the second day of the EFPT Austria – Surf Opening 2022 at Lake Neusiedl! Skippers meeting is scheduled for 06:00 CEST with a first possible start at 7:00. 


27-04-2022 18:00 That’s it here for Day 1. We have waited all day to see if the conditions would improve, but in the end it was just not enough to run a competition. All our hopes lie on tomorrow, as the forecast is showing some good wind throughout the morning and lunchtime. We will have an early start with the skippers meeting being held at 6:00 and a possible first start for all the riders at 7:00.  Our Livestream will be taking you through a hopefully action-packed day.

27-04-2022 13:00  Heat 1 and 2 are cancelled. Riders are back to stand-by on the beach. Waiting for conditions to improve.

27-04-2022 12:05 We are LIVE and Heat 1 is on. The first heats will be 4 men heats. 1 Heat is Esteve against Vingaard and M. Testa against Gerdes

27-04-2022 10:15 30 Men and 9 Women have already registered this morning and are now getting their gear prepared. Skippers meeting will be at 10:30 with a first possible start at 11:30.

27-04-2022 08:00 Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of the EFPT Austria – Surf Opening 2022 at Lake Neusiedl! Official registration is scheduled for 08:30-09:30 CEST.