Current discipline: Freestyle
Divisions: Pro Men & Women + Juniors U18
Conditions: Cross-shore winds of 15-25 knots with waves
Format: Riders can do a maximum 10 moves on each tack, 3 moves on each tack counting.


17.00 No improvement in the conditions. Women and Junior’s are released for today. Depending on the conditions, there will be a Foilstyle Super Session at 18.00. Stay tuned for more updates.

14.00 No improvement in the conditions. Signature session going on now at the Surf Centre! 

13.20 We are on 30 minute announcements now. We expect to see some action from 15.00 on.

12.00 After a fruitful meeting, the riders are now awaiting the skippers meeting at 13.00. Steven van Broeckhoven is out training his Foilstyle as we speak.

8.30 Good morning from the beach in front of Surf and Kite Theologos! The conditions look less ideal today. The day will start with an Annual General Meeting of all the riders where important matters for next years tour will be discussed. Afterwards there will be a skippers meeting at 13.00 with a first possible start for the Women and Juniors at 13.30.


18.36 Amado takes the win! No need for a super final now so the event is over for today. Thank you for following and see you back tomorrow!

18.32 Yentel goes for a double forward 

18.28 We’re not even halfway and Amado already has 40 points! Let’s see how Yentel answers…

18.25 We’re on! 

18.17 Yentel Caers wins! Jacopo Testa has to settle for third place. After the heatbreak we will go into the final between Amado Vrieswijk and Yentel Caers.

18.10 Yentel is unstoppable as he seems to have won the heat. Waiting for confirmation from the judges.

18.09 The two riders go all out almost crashing into each other as they go for their moves.

18.07 Testa is behind so he has to go big. His move of choice? A super high one-handed Pasko!

18.05 This heat decides who goes into the final against Amado Vrieswijk.

18.04 Big Pasko from Yentel in his heat against Jacopo Testa. Testa does a sweet one handed burner.

17.59 Huvermann takes the win of the second Women’s Single elimination!

17.56 Maaike picks up a good lead and then steps it up going for more riscier moves. She crashes a Spock Culo.

17.53 Both girls open with a forward.

17.50 Heat over. Yentel Caers takes the win and advances to challenge Jacopo Testa for second place. First up, the Women’s single elimination final. Huvermann vs Raskina.

17.47 Steven has a very high scoring Pasko, Yentel tries to counter with a Pushloop but crashes.

17.39 Next up the battle for third between Yentel Caers and Steven van Broeckhoven. Another Belgian showdown.

17.38 Women’s small final won by Hanna Poschinger.

17.28 Heat over. Once again lets wait for the official result. Next up is the Women’s small final: Poschinger vs Meijer.

17.22 As both riders rushed to the water they both open their heats strong. With a full scoresheet it is Yentel who is in the lead.

17.18 As the Women’s heat was sailed there was a decision to re-sail the heat between Dieter van der Eyken and Yentel Caers. In the Women’s heat Huvermann advances.

17.06 Heat is over, we will have to wait for the official result from the judges.

17.02 Quite a close heat between the Belgians! Dieter with an 8.5 Pasko taking the lead for now.

16.54 Raskina takes the win. We are now starting the battle for 4th between Dieter van der Eyken and Yentel Caers.

16.49 Raskina takes a commanding lead with a Spock, Forward and a Shove-it.

16.45 Next heat: Poschinger vs Raskina.

16.44 With the highest score of the day it seems like Yentel takes the win.

16:40 Yentel is in the lead now. Lennart is still missing moves.

16.38 Yentel does a super clean Double Culo after Lennart crashes one.

16.35 Both riders with a Culo 360, with Lennarts being significantly better.

16.33 End of the heat. Sterre Meijer advances!

16.23 Yentel Caers takes the win! Next up we have a heat from the Women’s single. Sterre Meijer vs Olga Pytharouli.

16.20 Gollito adds a Shifty and a Spock Culo to finish his scoresheet. Its very close now!

16.19 Caers with an Air Funnel Burner. Clearly taking the lead now.

16.17 Neubauer advances in the previous heat. Caers and Estredo are still battling it out on the water. We are seeing an 8 point Pasko from Gollito and 7.9 point double Culo from Caers.

16.13 As we wait for the results the next heat is up. Caers vs Estredo. Reigning world champ against 9 time world champ.

16.08 Albert is making a comeback with a nice Kabikuchi and Airfunnel Funnel on starboard tack, just what he needed to fill up the missing moves on his scoresheet.

16.06 Albert is crashing a lot, giving Lennart an early lead.

16.02 Neubauer opens with a Kabikuchi. 

16.00 Next heat: Albert vs Neubauer. We are down to the top 8!

15.58. That’s it. Yentel wins but not with as much of a lead as he might have hoped for. Marco Vinante came back quite well towards the end.

15.54 Yentel Caers is leading the heat comfortably.

15.47 Heat over. Estredo wins. Next up Caers vs Vinante

15.45 Quite a close heat between the two. Gollito currently in the lead.

15.40 Schmidt opens with a Ponch. Gollito does a smooth Pasko.

15.37 Heat Over. Neubauer takes the win with a 37 point heat. Next up Schmidt vs Estredo.

15.35 Lennart Neubauer is taking the lead with a well executed Pasko and Kabikuchi.

15.26 Heat over. Albert advances. Next up Lennart Neubauer vs Matteo Testa.

15.17 First heat: Esteve vs Albert. Esteve opens with a Burner. Albert goes for the Kabikuchi.

15.05 First riders are out testing their setups. We’ve already seen a massive double Culo from Neubauer. It’s ON!

14.45 Start confirmed! First heat will be sailed at 15.15. First battle will be between Albert and Esteve.

14.30 Next announcement 14.45. First possible start 15.00.

14.15 The conditions are improving. Race Director Danny Kater has decided to postpone the Juniors and go straight to the Men’s double elimination. The Women’s single will be mixed into the final heats of the Men’s double to give the riders advancing some breaks. We are now on 15 minute announcments, next one at 14.30. First possible start 14.45

13.13 AP flag is up, we await the development of the conditions.

13.08 Heat canceled. Too little wind. We await further announcements.

13.04 Correction, it is Primus Sörling who advances over Tigo Kort! Next heat Jakub Luboinski vs Piero Rautnik.

13.00 And the heat is over! Looks like Kempen and Kort advance.

12.54 and they’re off! Bodhi Kempen straight away with a nice Shaka. Sörling and Luboinski do Spock 540’s.

12.50 Heat starting in 2 minutes! 

12.30 Practice heat just started. In the next heat we will see Mateusz Luboinski vs Bodhi Kempen and Tigo Kort vs Primus Sörling.

12.20 Juniors will be starting from 12.30 on!

12.00 Next announcement 12.15, first possible start 12.30.

11.30 After a short skippers meeting the riders are now awaiting next announcements. The conditions are still too light to start. Next announcement 12.00

9.15 Good morning from Theologos! Conditions look good once again. Skippers meeting is at 11.30 with a first possible start at 12.00 with the Juniors new single elimination. We expect to start the Men’s double elimination finals at 14.00.


18.08 Thank you for following. We will be back tomorrow with the Junior’s and Women’s as well as the finals of the Men’s double elimination.

18.07 End of the heat. Vinante takes the win in the last heat. 

18.03 This is the last heat of the day. Vinante with a Shaka, Kempen is struggling with switch on the outside and does a Switch Kono.

18.01 Kempen has been storming through the ranks today, lets see how he does. Currently Vinante in the lead.

17.58 Next heat: Kempen vs Vinante.

17.56 Gollito takes the win with a crazy double forward. Possibly the highest scoring heat of the day.

17.54 Estredo adds a Spock Culo. The win seems to be in his bag now.

17.53 Big shifty from Gollito proppels him back into the leading position.

17.50 Volkhardt adds a Burner and an Airfunnel to his scoresheet. Gollito looks underpowered.

17.47 Gollito does a big backloop. Felix opens with a Kabikuchi! He has to go big to be able to take on the multiple world champ.

17.46 Advancing is Testa. Next heat Volkhardt vs Estredo.

17.45 Current heat is Matteo Testa vs Yegor Popretinskiy.

15.00 Liveticker will be on hold for a bit. Check out the livestream to see what is happening!

14.51 We are going into a heatbreak before starting the Mens Double elimination.

14.44 Lennart is undoubtedly dominating the heat and will defend his first position after the first double elimination.

14.37 Maaike Huvermann shows her brilliance and defends her first position in the double elimination! Next up the double elimination final for the men: Kort vs Neubauer.

14.27 Tigo Kort advances thanks to another clean Kabikuchi. Next up Women’s double final: Raskina vs Huvermann.

14.14 Raskina defends her position comfortably. Next up Kempen vs Kort.

14.07 Next up: Raskina vs Poschinger for 2nd.

14.04 Exciting heat where Rautnik is leading most of the time. Kort manages to come back with a very well executed Kabikuchi. It seems he will be able to defend his 3rd position and move on to challenge Bodhi Kempen for second.

12.55 Next heat Tigo Kort vs Piero Rautnik. Will Rautnik manage to knock Tigo off the podium as well?

12.53 Hanna Poschinger takes the win with a Forward, knocking Sterre Meijer off the podium!

12.43 Rautnik takes the win. Next up is Poschinger vs Meijer.

12.40 Piero Rautnik is dominating the heat with two minutes left on the clock.

12.36 Both riders open with a frontloop. Rautnik’s was higher and cleaner

12.30 Heat over, Poschinger advances. Next up Luboinski vs Rautnik.

12.21 With half a point margin the win goes to Jakub Luboinski. Next heat is the start of the Women’s double. Hanna Poschinger vs Olga Pytharouli.

12.18 Seems to be a close battle between the Swedish and Polish rider.

12.14 Luboinski opens with a Spock. So does Sörling after which Luboinski counters with a frontloop.

13.12 The older Luboinski borther vs Sorling is about to start. 

12.59 First heat is over. Sörling advances. We are going into a heatbreak now so that he can prepare for his next heat against Jakub Luboinski.

12.55 Sörling almost lands a Shaka – a move which he has just landed for the first time less than a week ago.

12.48 And they’re off! Sörling opens with a Flaka. Luboinski does a Spock on the inside.

12.30 After a short skippers meeting the Juniors and Women are going out on the water for their first heats of the double elimination. First up will be heat 14A with Mateusz Luboinski vs Primus Sörling.

9.15 George Grisley is out on the water checking the conditions. It looks good out there!

9.00 Good Morning! The conditions look amazing right from the start of the day. Today will mark the start of the double eliminations for the Men, Women and Juniors. Skippers meeting is at 12.00 with the first possible action starting at 12.30.


19.34 That’s it for today. Tomorrow the double elimination will be run with an even better forecast than today. See you there!

19.31 Both riders finish with a forward. Amado Vrieswijk takes the win of the first mens single elimination!

19.30 Massive Pushloop from Testa, will it be enough?

19.27 Amado is leading the final quite comfortably. Let’s see if Jacopo can retaliate.

19.26 Shifty Shaka from Vrieswijk. Testa cannot match that as of now. 

19.24 The Bonaireian impresses with a Backloop but crashes a Shifty. Testa does a massive forward but was hoping for the Bongka.

19.22 Vrieswijk does a Kabikuchi of his own while Jacopo does two more one handed moves: a burner and a Shove-it spock. Amado counters with a Pasko.

19.21 Jacopo opens with a one handed Kabikuchi. Amado Answers with a Culo 360.

19.20 Final heat! Who will take the win today, Amado Vrieswijk or Jacopo Testa?

19.18 Heat over! Maaike Huvermann takes the win of the first single elimination!

19.13 Maaike is taking the lead with a Shaka, Kono and a Culo! Seems like she has some smooth sailing to win the first single elimination!

19.09 Raskina opens with a forward, so does Huvermann.

19.08 Next heat is the womens single elimination final. Raskina vs Huvermann.

19.07 Heat is over. Steven van Broeckhoven takes 3rd place in the mens single elimination!

19.06 Steven does not give away his 3rd place easily. He responds with a super high Shifty.

19.05 Dieter is catching up with a clean Culo 360 and a Bongka!

19.03 Steven goes for a no handed burner. He is currently in the lead.

19.00 Both riders are consistent in this heat. It seem like van der Eyken has an edge over his opponent right now.

18.59 Dieter opens with a Pasko. Steven rotates through a Shaka with a lot of airtime.

18.58 Next up, the men’s small final. Time for another Belgian showdown with van Broeckhoven and van der Eyken

18.55 Meijer is victorious and takes 3rd in the women’s single elimination.

18.48 Poschinger goes for the frontloop but unfortunately does not stick it. Meijer with a Shove-it.

18.45 Next up, Women’s losers final. Poschinger vs Meijer. 

18.43 Both riders try to impress on the buzzer with a no handed flaka crash and a lazy susan attempt. Unfortunately these wont make a difference in the scores. Jacopo Testa joins Amado Vrieswijk in the final.

18.39 Dieter is missing moves on starboard tack and thus Jacopo Testa is currently leading the heat.

18.34 Next Semi: van der Eyken vs Testa.

18.31 End of the heat. Amado advances into the winners final!

18.30 van Broeckhoven tries to fight back with a Matadore.

18.28 Steven crashes a backloop, Amado is right on him with a clean backloop of his own!

18.24 Amado starts strong with a Shifty Shaka and a big Pasko! Steven responds with a Spock Culo.

18.21 First semi-final : Vrieswijk vs van Broeckhoven.

18.18 What a heat! Dieter takes the win thanks to an insane one footed Backloop.

18.07 Testa takes the win in quite a close heat. Next up the last quarter final, van der Eyken vs Yentel Caers. Time for a Belgian showdown.

17.55 Highest scoring heat of the day so far. Amado Vrieswijk takes the win and advances! Next heat Schmidt vs Testa.

17.52 Amado adds a backloop to his move list while Lennart does a Shifty too

17.52 Neubauer with a future as we see Amado launch into a super clean Shifty.

17.50 Lennart adds a Double Culo to his list while Amado lands a Bongka! Neubauer is currently leading the heat.

17.49 Both start with a crash after which Lennart stomps a Pasko and Amadao goes down on a Shifty Shaka. 

17.45 Next heat Neubauer vs Vrieswijk. Will Lennart manage to take down another big name?

17.41 Steven closes off the heat with a Shifty attempt. Despite the crash it looks like he managed to best Albert.

17.35 Yet another heat were waves are paramount to the success of the riders. We are seeing Pasko’s, Air Chacho’s and Backloops. Albert went back in for a sail change as the wind is increasing.

17.27 Wiemar is on top form but that was not enough to beat reigning world champion Yentel Caers. Next heat we’re into the quarter finals. First up: Albert vs van Broeckhoven.

17.21 Next heat: Caers vs Wiemar.

17.20 Esteve and van der Eyken were utilising the waves in this heat to the fullest. In the end it was Dieter who was more consistent and thus takes the heat win.

17.07 Previous update is confirmed by the final result. Next up Sam Esteve vs Dieter van der Eyken another battle of titans.

17.02 Testa clearly dominating the heat. Looks like he will take the win.

16.58 Jacopo Testa opens strong with a Shove-it double Spock

16.55 Youp Schmidt advances. In the upcoming heat we will see Testa vs Marconi.

16.52 Despite the slightly deteriorating conditions, both riders are putting up a show. Schmidt with an unexpected backloop taking the lead.

16.43 Heat over with Amado advancing. Next up Schmidt vs Popretinskiy.

16.40 Amado Vrieswijk is showing he is in another class. In terms of scores he is well ahead of Taty Frans.

16.34 Next up is Vrieswijk vs Frans.

16.32 The new generation is coming for the old guard. Neubauer eliminates multiple world champion Gollito Estredo!

16.16 van Broeckhoven is in a comfortable lead in his heat against Vinante.

16.14 Correction! Previous heat was actually won by Albert after the judges reviewed the score!

16.10 Next up are van Broeckhoven vs Vinante.

16.07 Heat is over, advancing by 0.01 point seems to be Passani! Still waiting for the official confirmation from the judges…

16.04 This is a very close heat! Currently leading is Albert!

16.00 As the wind increases we are seeing the level skyrocketing. Albert throws down a Kabikuchi and an Air Funnel Burner, Passani answers with a Skopu and a Culo. Albert is topping off his scoresheet with a Culo 360.

15.55 Heats over. Caers and Wiemar advance. Next up we start with 2 man heats. First up Passani vs Albert.

15.52 there are some nice waves coming through the competition area. Caers makes use of them for a Pasko. Kempen defends with a Kono. Despite his 2nd place in the Juniors it might be hard to fend off the current world champion.

15.48 Current heats are Wiemar vs Simmerl and Kempen vs Caers.

15.47 Esteve and van der Eyken also advanced from their prospective heats.

15.45 Passing through to the next round in the last few heats are: Estredo, Neubauer, Vrieswijk, Frans, Schmidt, Popretinskiy, Testa and Marconi.

14.48 Despite focussing more on wingsurfing lately Gollito does not seem to have lost his mojo. He is comfortably taking the lead with a Pasko and a high Kono.

14.43 Heat over, Vinante and van Broeckhoven advance. Next up Estredo vs M. Testa and Neubauer vs Sorokin.

14.40 Vinante and van Broeckhoven impressing with a flurry of moves. Both are leading their heats comfortably.

14.34 Next up, local rider Chrysopoulos against van Broeckhoven and Vinante vs Moritz.

14.31 End of the heat. Passani and Albert advance. Albert celebrates by doing a wave ride in front of the beach.

14.30 Passani takes over the lead with some well executed power moves. 

14.25 Currently leading their heats: Albert and Yakolev.  Conditions are still up and down a bit so we are seeing a mix of new and oldschool moves!

14.20 Schill was struggling to get planing and therefore Kempen advances comfortably. Next up Passani vs Yakolev and Albert vs Mottus.

14.12 Next up, the first mens heat. Schill vs Kempen. Let’s see how Kempen fares after having just competed in the Juniors final.

14.07 End of the heat. Neubauer winds the Juniors final!

14.00 Current in the lead is Neubauer with some clean power moves in his scores.

13.58 Lennart Neubauer seems to be mirroring Kempen with both riders throwing down a Culo on the inside.

13.57 Both riders open with a Shaka, with Neubauers being significantly more radical!

13.56 Kort takes 3rd in the Juniors! Next up the Juniors final with Kempen and Neubauer.

13.53 Rautnik seems to struggle to catch up with Kort. Advantage Tigo Kort with one minute on the clock.

13.46 Kort opens with a clean Culo.

13.45 Next up the losers final for the men, fighting for 3rd are Kort and Rautnik.

13.43 Heat is over! Huvermann and Raskina advance.

13.38 Poschinger lands a Vulcan as well. Huvermann and Raskina are leading their respective heats.

13.35 Raskina opens with a Grubby, Huvermann does flaka’s on both tacks. Meijer lands a Vulcan. 

13.33 Next up the women. Meijer vs Huvermann and Raskina vs Poschinger.

13.30 Neubauer is aware of his leading position and is doing some backwind jibes for fun. The battle between Kempen and Kort is tight, but in the end Kempen advances.

13.27 Kempen seems to be generating a slight advantage with a nice clean Kono.

13.23 And we’re off! Neubauer starts the heat strong with a Burner, Shaka and a Culo on both sides. The heat is really close between Kempen and Kort. Both have Shakas and some sliding moves on their scoring sheet.

13.18 Meijer advances. Next up is heat 7a: Kempen vs Kort which is going to be a Brouwersdam local showdown. At the same time heat 7b will be sailed, Rautnik vs Neubauer.

13.10 Meijer opens with a Spock.

13.07 Rautnik advances as we gear up for the first womens heat: 6a Sterre Meijer vs Olga Pytharouli

13.06 One minute left. Advantage Rautnik.

13.03 The boys exchange Flaka’s. Rautnik lands a nice one on starboard tack.

13.00 Heat 6a is on. Rautnik vs K. Luboinski. Rautnik opens with a shove-it.

12.54 With one minute left on the clock, Kempen and Kort seem to be dominating their heats with a number of power moves on their scoresheets.

12.52 Kempen with an Airf Flaka 360. Kort goes for a Shaka. At the moment it’s advantage for both Kempen and Kort in their respective heats.

12.48 Kort opens with an Eslider and a Grubby. Sörling responds with a flaka and a Shove-it. In the other heat it seems like Luboinski is outside of the competition area. Kempen does a Kono and a funnel.

12.45 Yellow flag is up!

12.30 First horn of the day! A training heat has now started. The next heat will be heat 5a+b, M. Luboinski vs Kempen and Primus vs Kort.

12.00 There is a few riders planing out on the water. After a short skippers meeting the Juniors are getting ready for their first heats at around 12.30!

11.00 Good morning! Conditions are much better today! Skippers meeting starting at 12.00 with a first possible start at 12.30! First up will be the Juniors.


18.50 Thats it for today! Join us again tomorrow where the forecast looks promising to start running heats!

18.40 The rookies are practicing their tow-in starts and we are seeing some progress in these tricky conditions!

18.30 Going for a bit less common tow-in move is Maaike Huvermann. She attempts a Spock but unfortunately does not make it past the Air Jibe.

18.25 Lukas Schill manages to squeeze in a burner.

18.15 Raphael Bauer tries to hold on for dear life but unfortunately doesn’t get his back foot in the strap and crashes.

18.10 Tigo Kort impresses with a nice culo.

18.05 First up is Lukas Schill who was not all to successful, the conditions are quite tricky.

18.00 after a short skippers meeting the riders are now going out. We are seeing a lot of rookies and also women going out to try tow-in for the first time!

17.45 Some riders are preparing to go on the water for the tow-in practice show.

17.30 And we’re live! Go to to follow the pre-show!

17.00 Livestream will be up in the air from 17.30 with a pre-show full of interviews followed by a tow-in show! Check it out here.

16.45 Women and Men are released for today. Juniors are still on hold. Between 18.00-18.45 there will be a tow-in training session for everyone which will also be livestreamed!

16.15 No improvement yet, apart from the improvement in Yentel’s Culo’s. Next announcement 16.30, first possible start 16.45.

16.00 Yentel Caers and Steven van Broeckhoven are trying out the conditions on their foils. We’ve seen an impressive Culo from the latter but unfortunately we are not running a foilstyle competition. Next announcement 16.15, first possible start 16.30.

15.30 Conditions are improving. Next Announcement 15.45, first possible start 16.00!

15.00 Next announcement 15.30, first possible start 15.45.

14.30 No surprises yet, next announcement 15.00, first possible start 15.15. In the meanwhile riders are relaxing on the beach.

14.00 Next announcement 14.30, first possible start 14.45

13.30 Still waiting. Next announcement 14.00, first possible start 14.15.

13.00 Slight improvement but still not satisfactory. Next Announcement 13.30.

12.00 Conditions have not improved enough yet. Sterre Meijer went out for a test run but returned mentioning that she needs an uphaul rope, not a great sign… Next announcement 12.30

11.30 Skippers meeting is done! Next announcement at 12.00 with a first possible start at 12.30. First up will be the Juniors!

8.45 Welcome to the first day of the EFPT Theologos! Today the riders will register between 9 and 10. Afterwards there will be a skippers meeting with the first possible start at 12.