Current discipline: Freestyle
Divisions: Men
Conditions: 18-23 knots and waves
Format: Freestyle 15 min heats with a 3 min transition

LIVETICKER DAY 4 12-06-2022 (CEST / UTC+2)

18:00 Jacopo Testa wins the super final in front of a packed beach! He extends his lead in the European Championship with Yentel Caers still in second. Thank you for following and we will see you at the next event!

17:35 That’s it! The results will be announced soon!

17:30 Very close heat. We see the riders exchange a lot of moves.  Jacopo Testa in the lead.

17:15 And we will get a super final! The riders are going back out to determine the event winner. Yentel Caers gets assistance from Steven van Broeckhoven who will caddy a second set of gear out to the competition area for him.

17:07 Looks like we will have a super final as Jacopo puts together a solid heat. We wait for confirmation from the judges.

17:02 Yentel must seriously be wondering what Jacopo Testa had for breakfast, as the italian takes an early lead and throws down a Spock Kabikuchi like its nothing.

16:44 Jacopo Testa wins. He is now up against Yentel Caers for the double elimination win. If he wins, a super final will ensue for the event win.

16:41 Testa is destroying the spot with a huge score. van Broeckhoven doesnt stand a chance at this rate.

16:35 Massive moves for both riders. We see a T-bone from Jacopo and a huge Shifty from Steven van Broeckhoven

16:30 And we’re off with the battle for 2nd. Jacopo Testa opens with a Triple Spock

16:17 Adrien makes a last minute comeback, but will it be enough? van broeckhoven tries to solidify his lead with an 8 point Shifty and a no-handed burner.

16:12 The heat is on and van Broeckhoven is leading considerably. Bosson is crashing and has no full scoresheet yet.

16:00 Another attempt will be made with 12 min heats, 3 moves counting. 

15:51 Heat cancelled once again. We are back on standby.

15:45 The battle for third is on again, but it still seems very light. Bosson with a very clean Culo.

15:25 The heat is on but conditions are very light. The heat gets cancelled.

15:10 Bosson wins with a monster porttack score. He can now try to take revenge against van Broeckhoven

15:04 Dieter struggles to find this porttack jumps. Bosson in the lead.

15:00 The level on the water has just risen considerably. Hardly anymore single moves as both riders go for big air moves or combinations

14:55 Van der Eyken now faces Bosson for 4th.

14:42 Dieter van der Eyken solidifies his lead and wins the heat with a Kabikuchi.

14:38 van der Eyken with a clean spock Culo, he retakes the lead

14:34 The battle is on. Both riders open with a Culo. Albert with an early lead.

14:15 Albert wins over Esteve. He now advances to face van der Eyken for 5th after a heatbreak.

14:05 With a methodical approach to his heat, van der Eyken manages to pull ahead and wins the heat. Youp Schmit is out.

14:00 Schmit and van der Eyken battle it out with quite close scores. Youp is leading at the moment.

13:52 Albert leads from Czech easily. It seems like Czech’s run is ended.

13:41 Ilay Bamnolker, although sailing great, is not match to Sam Esteve who cruises through the heat.

13:30 van der Eyken advances. In the next heat Sam Esteve vs Ilay Bamnolker.

13:20 Schmit advances. Next up Teammates Dieter van der Eyken vas Bodhi Kempen

13:14 Schmit has something to prove after losing out to the single elimination winner Yentel Caers yesterday. The Bonairean leads most of the heat. Matteo Testa pulls out all stop and goes for a shove-it Air Spock.

13:09 Next up is Testa vs Schmit. 

13:06 Massive Air Funnel 360 by Felix. Ilay sails a consistent heat. Felix has higher scoring moves but Ilay has a higher move average to take the win. 

12:56 The heat between Bamnolker and Volkhardt will be resailed. Starting in 1 minute.

12:33 Postponment flag is up as the judges review the scores from the heat between Bamnolker and Volkhardt. 

12:23 Next up Schmit vs Matteo Testa and Bodhi Kempen vs Dieter van der Eyken.

12:19 Bamnolker and Czech keep their lead and advance. A big upset for Felix Volkhardt.

12:15 Current heat running Volkhardt vs Bamnolker and Kort vs Czech. Bamnolker and Czech have an early lead.

12:06 Kempen advances over Marconi. Sims loses out to Testa.

11:55 First heat is over. Seems like Czech will advance over Grisely as he managed to get on the plane more. Still it was close. The same counts for Tigo Kort as he beats Sorling

11:30 Practice heat is ON. After that we are up with heats 25A and 25B. Kort vs Sorling and Grisley vs Czech.

11:15 And we have a green light. Practice heat starts at 11:30

11:00 Conditions are close to suitable. Next announcement 11:15, first possible start at 11.45. The first heat is getting ready.

10:30 After a quick skippers meeting riders are now on standby. Next call 11:00, first possible start 11:30.

8:30 Good morning from sunny Vieste! The wind will take a while to come out today, hence the skippers meeting is at 10:00. First possible start at 9:30.

LIVETICKER DAY 3 11-06-2022 (CEST / UTC+2)

17:30 That’s it for the day. The competition got called off. We will resume the Double Elimination tomorrow morning.

17:15 No improvement so far. Riders still on standby.

16:30 Postponment flag is up. We await better conditions.

16:29 Conditions are very light. This heat will probably be cancelled.

16:22 Volkhardt and Bamnolker advance easily in their respective heats. Next up Grisley vs Czech and Kort vs Sorling.

16:12 Next up Volkhardt vs Sorokin and Bamnolker vs Bauer.

16:07 Marconi opens very strong with a Kono and adds a burner later. Vingaard tries his best to keep up. Kempen leads from Latino with a nice Kono.

16:04 Next up Marconi vs Vingaard and Kempen vs Cesare Latino.

16:00 Conditions are getting very light. Sims leads over Gerdes with a couple of power moves. The lesser experienced Gerdes tries to answer with his own but crashes. On the other side Testa easily leads against Rautnik.

15:54 Next up Sims vs Gerdes and M. Testa vs Rautnik.

15:50 Heat over. Latino leads over Fournier and takes the win. Sorling wins from Smith.

15:43 We now continue on to the double elimination. First heat is Nascimo Fournier vs local Cesare Latino and Primus Sorling vs Aaron Smith. We are back to 4 man heats.

15:25 A packed beach gathered to hear the results. The winner of the single elimination is Yentel Caers! In second Jacopo Testa, in third Steven van Broeckhoven.

15:18 An action packed heat. Cears seems to have the edge, but we wait for the final confirmation from the judges

15:12 The Final is ON! Caers vs tour leader Testa!

15:06 Steven van Broeckhoven furthers his lead with a great double Culo and a Pushloop. It looks like he will advance.

15:02 van Broeckhoven with a massive 8 point Shifty. He takes the lead. Bosson is loosing a lot of ground in the competition area as he looks to fill out his scorecard on port tack.

14:59 And the small final is on! Bosson vs van Broeckhoven.

14:47 The current tour leader Jacopo Testa takes the win. In the finals we will see 4 moves counting.

14:45 Thats it, we are going into a heatbreak now as the small and winners final are preparing. 

14:42 Jacopo fights back with a massive Pasko. Steven answers with a very high Pushloop. Jacopo takes over the lead.

14:40 Steven van Broeckhoven is leading so far in his semi against Jacopo Testa. 

14:34 Caers finishes it off with a perfect Spock Culo. Highest scoring heat of the day for him as he advances to the final.

14:33 The riders are very far out, Caers still in the lead as they exchange double moves going inside, and wave moves going out.

14:31 Both riders exchange shifties. Bosson’s is much higher but has a worse landing. Lets see what the judges think.

14:25 And the semi’s have started. Caers is putting together another massive heatscore. Adrien Bosson tries to keep up.

14:23 Testa takes the win. A tricky heat but with a result in the end. Next up Semi Finals – Bosson vs Caers and Broeckhoven vs Jacopo Testa.

14:15 And we’re off again. Jacopo with an early lead. 

13:59 The conditions were too light though, heat cancelled. One heat break happening now.

13:58 Testa in the lead with a beautiful Shaka to put him well ahead.

13:51 The Belgian van Broeckhoven wins. In the last quarter final, current tour leader Jacopo Testa vs Antoine Albert.

13:50 The third quarter final saw a very close score again. It seems like van Broeckhoven will advance. 

13:45 Bosson is confirmed as the winner. In the meantime Esteve battles it out vs van Broeckhoven. Broeckhoven does a sick Pushloop. 

13:37 Very close heat between the frenchman and the Belgian. Bosson currently in the lead.

13:31 Next up Bosson vs van der Eyken.

13:27 That’s it, Caers dominates the heat as Schmit struggles to fill his scorecard.

13:18 And we’re off! Youp Schmit against Yentel Caers. Both riders open with a double Culo. Schmit also does an Air Flaka as Caers rotates through a Pasko.

13:05 Practice flags are up. First heat starting soon!

12:45 The start is confirmed! At 13:05 training flags will come up, 11 minutes later we will have our first quarter final starting. Schmit vs Caers.

12:30 Next call 12:45, we are getting very very close! Firs possible start at 13:00

12:15 Next call at 12:30, first possible 12:45. We are seeing some sick wave rides far out by some of the riders. Wind is still too light on the inside.

12:00 Next announcement 12:15. The wind is turning slightly now, first possible start 12:30

11:45 Next call 12:00, first possible start is 15 mins later

11:30 we are moving the first possible start closer. Next call 11:45, first possible at 12:00

11:15 Not quite there yet. Next Announcement 11:30, first possible start at 12:00

11:00 Next announcement 11:15, first possible start at 11:45. Conditions are still tricky at the moment. The wind is very up and down on the outside, and due to the side-off direction not much is present on the inside.

10:45 Next announcement 11:00. First possible start 11:30.

10:30 Still not promising enough to start the quarters. Next call 10:45, first possible start at 11:45

10:00 No improvement yet, next call 10:15. first possible at 10:45

9:30 Not enough wind yet. Next call 10:00. First possible at 10:30.

9:00 Good morning! After a short skippers meeting the scene is set for the quarter finals of the single elimination. The wind has not quite filled in yet so we are currently on announcements. Next call 9:30, first possible start at 10:00

LIVETICKER DAY 2 10-06-2022 (CEST / UTC+2)

18:00 First possible start tomorrow at 9:30. Thanks for following and tune in tomorrow again for the strongest day of the forecast!

17:55 That’s it for today! The riders are released to relax before an early start tomorrow for a continuation of the single elimination.

17:53 Current Tour Leader J. Testa puts together a strong heat with a big backloop, pasko and pushloop. He takes the win and advances. Albert advances over M. Testa mainly due to a massive Pasko.

17:45 Last heat for the day is up now. Albert vs M. Testa and J. Testa vs Tim Gerdes.

17:42 Esteve and van Broeckhoven take the win in their respective heats.

17:39 Youngsters Kempen and Marconi try t hold on for their life as the more experienced Broeckhoven and Esteve throw down some massive moves in front of them. Both riders almost up to 40 points respectively. 

17:34 Next heat, Broeckhoven vs Kempen and Marconi vs Esteve.

17:31 In the end van der Eyken and Bosson advance over Volkhardt and Bamnolker.

17:30 Big showdown between Severne Windsurfing teammates van der Eyken and Volkhardt. Dieter seems to have the upper hand. On the other side Bosson is pulling out all stop and going for a Shifty.

17:20 Caers and Schmit dominate the heat. Caers scores the highest scoring heat of the day so far. Next up Volkhardt vs van der Eyken and Bosson vs Bamnolker

17.15 Testa and Albert advance. In the next heat we are seeing a flurry of wave moves as Caers attempts a pushloop and Schmit lands a backloop. Their opponents are struggling a bit. Nevertheless Michi Czech goes for a double Spock and Kort does a technical eslider on the outside

17:07 Current heat running Albert vs Sorling and Matteo Testa vs Smith. Albert impresses with an Air Chachoo. He adds a really good Bongka and Kabikuchi to the mix to take the lead.  On the other side Testa dominates of Smith.

16:57 Kempen takes the lead, as does Tim Gerdes of Grisley.

16:53 Big Shaka from Kempen! Grisley goes for an Airfunnel outside with little success. 

16:50 Next up, Bodhi Kempen vs Alexandr Sorokin and Tim Gerdes vs George Grisley

16:48 Thats it for this heat. It looks like Marconi and Bamnolker will advance.

16:45 Marconi dominates the heat with a huge Backlopp and a Shaka. on the other side of the draw Bamnolker leads from Vingaard who struggles to get his scoresheet full.

16:41 Heat is ON!

16:32 Heat H4B and H5b are ready for a resail in 6 minutes. Marconi vs Bauer and Bamnolker vs Vingaard.

16:30 Another heat break to await conditions and adjust the heat order.

16:24 The heat is cancelled due to light winds. 

16:19 Marconi does a big Pasko and takes lead of the heat. 

16:17 Next heat is up. Marconi vs Bauer and Bamnolker vs Vingaard.

16:00 Teammates Volkhardt and van der Eyken take the win. Due to technical issues with electricity at the event site a heat break is instated now.

15:56 Dieter opens his heat strong. Felix Volkhardt puts in an Air Funnel up a wave. Latino goes for a cheeseroll.

15:55 Next up,  local Cesare Latino vs Dieter van der Eyken and Felix Colkhardt vs Nascimo Fournier.

15:53 That’s it Kort seals the heat win with a Kono. In the other heat Austrian Michi Czech takes the win.

15:51 Kort does a sick Culo right in front of the crowds. Sims crashes quite a high backloop.

15:48 Czech and Kort are leading int heir respective heats. 

15:44 Sims attempts a double Culo but goes under. Michi Czech in the meantime is on fire, doing a double spock and adding an Air Flaka right after. Piero Rautnik does a forward.

15:43 And we’re off! Sims opens with a Shaka, Michi Czech answers with a Culo. On the other side Tigo Kort crashes a burner.  

15:35 Unfortunately there is no livestream at this event. We invite you to follow the live tikker and our instagram/facebook stories for updates!

15:30 Practice heat has started. First action happening in 10 minutes!

15:15 First possible start confirmed. At 15:30 there will be a training heat, with the first real heat happening right after. First up Adam Sims vs Michi Czech and Tigo Kort vs Piero Rautnik.

15:00 Conditions are really improving. Lots of guys are out now to practice. Next call 15:15, first possible 15:30.

14:45 It’s on the edge, riders are planing most of the time but with very little power. Considering that the conditions will be steadily improving the start is delayed to ensure the best possible conditions. Next call 15:00, first possible start 15:15.

14:30 Next call 14:45, first possible start at 15:00

14:15 The forecast is now showing a clear increase around 15:00. Next announcement at 14.30, first possible start at 14.45.

13:45 Not quite there yet, next call 14:00, first possible start 14:15

13:30 Conditions dropped slightly again. Ilay Bamnolker manages to get some power moves in but it’s still too light. Next call 13.45, first possible start at 14.00

13:15 We are waiting another 15 minutes, but we are already seeing Michi Czech doing some sick Chachoo’s and Shaka’s. Felix Volkhardt and Primus Sorling are also out for a practice session. Next call 13.30, first possible start at 13.45

12:30 Not suitable yet but we are getting close!

12:00 Wind is picking up, next announcement 12:30.

11:30 We’ve seen some impressive Foilstyle Backloops from Steven van Broeckhoven and Tim Gerdes, as well as Foil Culo from Tigo Kort. Unfortunately the wind died and they came back in. Next announcement at 12:00.

10:45 Some riders are out on the foils. Not sufficient wind yet.

10:15 No improvement. We are moving to half hour announcements. Next call 10:30, first possible start 11.

9:45  No suitable conditions yet, next call 10:00, first possible start at 10:15

9:30 The waves and wind are building, next announcement at 9:45, first possible start at 10:00.

9:00 A quick skippers meeting and the riders are now on announcements. 

8:30 Good morning! Skippers meeting will be at 9:00 with a first possible start at 9:30

LIVETICKER DAY 1 09-06-2022 (CEST / UTC+2)

19:00 Competition is called off for the day. Skippers meeting is at 9:00 tomorrow, first possible start 9:30

18:30 Wind is picking up, next announcement at 19:00, first possible start 

18:00 Next announcement at 18:30. First possible start 19:00.

17:30 A big thunderstorm is passing the area, but with no wind along with it. Next call 18:00.

17:00 Next call 17:30. No improvement yet.

16:30 Next call 17:00.

16:00 No improvement yet. Next call 16:30

15:00 There is still hope for a start of the single this afternoon. For now the conditions are still insufficient. Next call 15:30

14:30 Conditions are worsening. Next call 15:00

13:30 No improvement so far. Next call 14.00

12:30 The riders are doing some interviews on the beach. No suitable conditions yet but the wind is increasing. Next call 12.45. First possible start 13.00

12:00 Still not enough wind. Next call 12:30

11:30 Not enough wind for now, next call at 12:00

09:30 During registration the riders were surprised by a strong storm front coming through, the wind seems to have died now. Skippers meeting at 10:30, first possible start at 11:30.

08:00 Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of the EFPT Vieste 2022 at Villaggio Camping Spiaggia Lunga mare! Official registration is scheduled for 08:30-09:30 CEST.