Current discipline: – Foilstyle
Divisions: Men and Women Freestyle and Foilstyle
Conditions: – 8-12 knots sideshore
Format: – Foilstyle Single Elimination

LIVETICKER DAY 3 / 9-06-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

8:00 Good morning and welcome to day 3 for Camping Villagio Spiaggia Lunga. The daily pre-show will be live at 8:30. Tune in to catch yesterdays highlights as well as a look forward to todays competition.






LIVETICKER DAY 2 / 8-06-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

19:40 That is it for day 2. Make sure to tune in tomorrow

19:00 The Post show is LIVE

18:30 The riders have been released for the day. Make sure to tune into the post show starting at 19:00

15:00 We have gone onto standby as the wind has remained low

14:20 The heat between Jamie Howard and Tim Gerdes has been called off due to a temporary drop in the wind

14:00 We are racing through the double elimination and are already at our top 6 riders.

12:45 We are going straight into the double elimination. Stay tuned to the livestream

12:30 Yentel Caers wins the single elimination in the final against Lennart Neubauer. Steven Van Broeckhoven stomps a perfect backloop to take the last spot on the podium ahead of Sam Esteve.

10:55 Lennart Neubauer joins Yentel Caers in the final after taking down Steven Van Broeckhoven in their semi final.

11:45 Yentel Caers advances into the final of the single elimination over Sam Esteve.

11:30 Round 2 is in the books. Advancing is Esteve, Caers, Neubauer and Van Broeckhoven.

10:45 Round 1 is done. Advancing is Kort and Gerdes.

10:15 WE ARE ON! Head to the livestream to catch all the action as it happens.

10:00 The riders have gathered to set their watches. First heat between Tigo Kort and Lucie Honegger starts in 15 minutes.

9:30 Skippers meeting has happen. First foilstyle heat will start at 10:15. Make sure to join Sandy and Greta on the livestream as they call the action.

8:00 Welcome to day 2 from here in Vieste!



LIVETICKER DAY 1 / 7-06-2023 (CEST / UTC+2)

8:00 Welcome to the 2023 EFPT in Vieste!

10:30 The riders have registered and skipper is complete. We are currently on announcements and will be starting with the foilstyle single elimination.

10:45 We are live on Facebook and Youtube. Head there to watch all the action as it unfolds.

11:00 The wind is still building, next announcement will be at 11:15, first possible start is now 11:30

11:20 We will be starting the foilstyle single elimination at 11:30 – Tune into the livestream to watch all the heats as they happen.

11:30 WE ARE ON! Head to the livestream to follow the action

12:00 The first heat between Tigo Kort and Lucie Honegger has been cancelled due to light winds. We are back on standby.

12:20 We are back on announcements. Stay tuned.

13:00 Next announcement at 13:30, first possible start 13:45

14:00 Next announcement at 14:30, first possible start 13:45

15:00 Next announcement at 15:30, first possible start 13:45

16:00 Next announcement at 16:30, first possible start 13:45

17:20 Head Judge, Emi Galindo, has called the action off for the day. Tune into the post-show at 19:00 to get a round up of the day and glimpse at what’s to come tomorrow.

19:00 We are live with the post-show. Head to to hear the days report.