Note: This liveticker automatically updates every couple of minutes if ticker is online!

Current discipline: Freestyle
Divisions: Pro Men | Pro Women | Juniors
Heats: Durations 9 min | 3 min transition | 3 moves counting per tack


17:30 End of the day. We are looking back on an amazing final event of the EFPT and congratulate all our new champions.

16:00 Prize giving.

12:00 Welcome to the last day of the DAM-X! Program for today: annual riders meeting and big prize-giving. If the wind increases we will also see a juniors supersession.



11:00 Welcome to Day 4 of the DAM-X 2019! We’ll run 2 Tow-in qualification rounds today with nine riders each. The best four riders will advance to the final. € 3.000,- prize-money is up for grabs!



14:30 It’s done!!! Amado Vrieswijk takes the event victory in front of Steven Van Broeckhoven and Giovanni Passani. Maaike Huvermann claims first place in the double elimination. 2nd Arrianne Aukes, 3rd Lina Erzen.

14:00 We are down to the womens and mens FINAL heats of the double elimination.

12:00 Heats are running! We started to mix the ladies double elimination in. Please check the livestream and elimination ladders for more infos.

09:00 Welcome to day 3 at the DAM-X event at the Zeil and Surfcentrum Brouwersdam. Skippers meeting is done. First possible start for Heat 25B Vinante against Testa is 09:30.



17:30 End of the day. The wind hasn’t filled in again and the riders are released to relax and prepare for a whole da of action tomorrow.

17:00 We are on stand-by as the wind has been dropping in heat 25B with Vinante against Testa.

15:00 We’ll be LIVE again from Heat 26A onwards!

14:05 Double elimination is on!

14:00 Steven Van Broeckhoven wins the single elimination in front of Giovanni Passani and Amado Vrieswijk. Maaike Huvermann wins the womens single elimination in front of Arrianne Aukes and Lina Erzen.

12:40 Heat 15B is up! Wind looks better in this one.

12:00 Heat 15B is cancelled. The wind has been dropping too much. We’ll have a small break to see if the conditions improve and will have a re-start of 15B at 12.30pm

11:50 Second semi-finals heat is on the water. Passani against Caers. The riders are on their 5.2s and bigger boards. Wind looks a bit lighter but still suitable.

11:40 Semi-finals men: Steven Van Broeckhoven against Amado Vrieswijk. We are sailing two men heats.

11:30 Heats are running. Currently the ladies semi-finals are on the water.

10:00 Green flag for heat 13A with Müller against Van Broeckhoven will go up shortly

09:00 Good morning to Day 2 of the DAM-X 2019. Skippers meeting is underway, first possible start 09:30. You can check out the gallery to see some of yesterdays action. For the whole report of yesterday including a nice video edit please click HERE



17:45 End of the day. The skippersmeeting times below! See you all tomorrow.

Pro’s: Skippers meeting tomorrow at 09:00 am, first possible start 09:30.
Juniors: Skippers meeting tomorrow at 09:30 am, first possible start 10:00.

17:00 We are still on stand-by.

16:30 Heat 13A had to be cancelled due to same bad weather passing through and the wind dropping.

15:45 Women heats are running. Pro men who are out of the single elimination are released for the day. We will not start the double until tomorrow.

15:00 Red flag for the re-sail of heat 11A and 11B is up. Passani against Lufen and Bosson against Frans.

14:30 Next announcement 14:45, First possible start 15:00

14:15 We stick to 15mins announcements. First possible start 14:45

14:00 Wind is still too up and down. Next announcement 14:15, first possible start 14:30.

13:30 Heat 11A + B had to be cancelled because the wind got too patchy. Next announcement 13:45. First possible 14:00

12:45 We progressed to the second round of the single elimination for men. Van Broeckhoven is sailing against Lennart Neubauer and Balz Müller against Jacopo Testa.

11:45 Highest score of the first round so far for Amado Vrieswijk with 34,26 points. We are half way through the first round of the single elimination.

11:00 WE ARE ON! Livestreaming will be on from the mens quarterfinals onwards.

10:50 Warm up Flags are up. First heat on the water Jacopo Testa against Sebastian Grimm and Balz Müller against Tim Ruyssenaars.

10:00 Welcome to Day 1 of the final EFPT event of 2019! Registration is done. We have 25 pro men, 8 pro women and 19 juniors signed up for the DAM-X. Skippers meeting will be on shortly. First possible start 11:00. From the juniors we’ll also have 7 riders competing in the pro fleet.