Current discipline: Tow-in Airstyle (new format)
Divisions: Pro mixed
Heats: Tricks for cash. Riders are free to do what they want in this expression session. After each run the judges decide how much money the trick was worth.


That’s it for the event! Thank you for tuning in and enjoying the action. You can check the final tow-in results here and rewatch the highlight videos or livestream here. Another option to relive the event is to read the daily reports which you can find here. See you at the next event in Theologos, Greece!


11.30 We’ve seen all sorts of moves: frontloops, shakas, willy skippers and of course the double canonball. Thank you for watching and expect the video highlights soon!

10.39 Yentel goes for a superman! 

10.37 Lennart neubauer opens with a 20 euro Air spock!

10.30 Tricks for Cash is about to start! Tune into the livestream to follow the craziest action.


11.32 We’ll see you back tomorrow when all the riders will be competing in the Tricks for Cash expression session.

11.31 Official podium result: 1. Lennart Neubauer 2. Yentel Caers 3. Sam Esteve . What a show!

11.30 Yentel Caers finishes off the final with another double air rotation.

11.27 The riders are really sending it! Lennart with probably the highest Air Skopu in tow-in history.

11.24 Sam Esteve opens with an Air Skopu into Burner, the first attempt of this kind in tow-in!

11.19 Balz Müller is eliminated. We have the top 3 left now for the ultimate podium showdown in the SEND category!

11.18 Lennart Neubauer want the Kabikuchi but takes off a slight bit too late.

11.16 Sam Esteve choses to go without a wave this time and does a Double Culo.

11.13 In the regular category it is much harder to start which is confirmed by Sam Esteve barely missing the boat as he crashed before his move!

11.11 Yentel Caers attempts a Double Air Culo. Unfortunately its not as massive the one yesterday.

11.09 Balz does a massive Kono. The judges seemed to like it.

11.08 Amado Vrieswijk is eliminated after not completing his run. Next category is regular!

11.05 The combo category finishes with Yentel Caers actually crashing his first move in the comp. 

10.55 Sam Esteve counters with an Air Funnel Burner Onehanded.

10.51 Next category is Combo.  Balz Müller opens the next round with an Airfunnel funnel.

10.50 Yentel once again asserting his dominance in this competition, taking the lead. Unfortunately Max Matissek is eliminated.

10.46 Seems like all the remaining riders are going for a similar strategy. Lennart Neubauer and Sam Esteve both with an Air Burner 360.

10:41 Balz Müller goes for the highest air so far and attempts a boardgrab for extra style.

10.36 Next up: Max Matissek. Going for the Skopu as well.

10.33 Amado opens with a Switch Kono (most probably intending to do a Skopu) but doesn’t stick the landing.

10.30 And we’re on! First up is Amado Vrieswijk. Current category is Air!

10.20 The athletes are now practicing their regular runs, were they are forced to have their feet the other way around for the take off. We have seen Culo’s, Double Air Culo’s and a Kabikuchi attempt.

10.10 The categories for today are Air, Combo, Regular and Send. A slight change from yesterday.

10.05 Neubauer with a massive Air Burner 360. If the practice was the comp then the final would be incredibly close so far… Livestream of the knockout final starts at 10.30!

10.00 The practice runs look promising for the final! All of the riders still have dry hair after some massive rotations.

9.00 Good morning! Today marks the first ever Tow-in knockout final. Skippers meeting will be at 9.30, the final starts at 10.30 with some practice runs before as usual.


Want to update yourself on day 2? Read the report here

10:30 Due to technical issues the Liveticker and the Livestream are not online. The Livestream will still be recorded and posted at a later time!

10.14 Antoine Albert with a radical funnel burner. Lets see how the judges score that.

10.12 Thomas unfortunately didnt pick up enough speed. He will try again after some of the other riders!

10.11 Max Matissek tries the double pop after a funnel but unfortunately dismounts from his equipment! Next up Thomas Traversa!

10.08 Amado with a beautiful air funnel burner of the wave!

10.00 And the compeition is ON! 

9.45 We are seeing some interesting attempts at combos in the training. Will anyone manage to time their second pop with the boatwake?

9.30 Riders are preparing for their practice runs right now. Competition will start at 10.00 and you can tune in from 10.30 onwards!

9.00 Goodmorning on the second day of the EFPT Tow-in Airstyle competition at the Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021! After a skippers meeting at 9.00 the riders will take to the water and practice their moves for the three categories coming up today: COMBO, SPIN and SEND!



11.00 Final standings: Yentel Caers in first, Sam Esteve in second and closing off the provisional qualifying podium is Lennart Neubauer.

10.56 That was it for today! Due to the wind picking up and the IQ Foil taking to the water the tow-in will be resumed tomorrow morning.

10.54 The EFPT Surf Opening Austria tow-in winner Lennart Neubauer goes last and tries to replicate Yentel’s succes but does not go as high or clean. It secures him a third place.

10:51 A beautiful Air Double Air Funnel by Yentel Caers. Not going for the Skopu definitely payed off as he takes the lead

10:48 Another Skopu by the New Caledonian Antoine Albert. The Skopu seems to be the move of choice for this category.

10:45 Sarah-Quita answers with an Air Burner 360. She is certainly giving the men a run for their money.

10:42 With a super clean and high Skopu, almost planing, Sam Esteve seems to be taking the lead.

10:40 Going for as much air as possible on the foil is of course Balz Muller. Lets see how the judges like that.

10:38 Max Matissek with a super high Skopu. Crashed on the landing but with the new format crashes are not penalized as much.

10:35 Amado Vrieswijk starting off strong with an Air Burner 360, but is it high enough to claim top points in the Air category?

10:20 In the view practice runs we have seen Skopu’s, double airs and Balz on the foil! Competition starts in 10 minutes.

10:00 Riders are doing their practice runs now. It will be interesting to see what they come up with because of the new format. 

9:00 Good morning and welcome to the first qualification day here at the Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021. Riders will do their practice runs between 9.30 and 10.15. At 10.30 the competition will start!