Team Erzen

Team Erzen – The Windsurf Family

Monitoring social media over the past weeks, Team Erzen definitely stood out by posting first landed tricks by Lina and Val every couple of days. The improvement by the two siblings has been so obvious we felt it was time to chat a litte bit with the windsurf family from Slovenia: see where the drive comes from, where they see themselves in five years from now and how the father, Igor Erzen, manages and trains his own little windsurfing team. EFPT: Igor, what is your personal connection to windsurfing? Igor Erzen: I started windsurfing for fun in Croatia - in my time all the ski jumpers did windsurfing in summer time when there was no snow. EFPT: You support and train your kids Lina and V...
Adam Sims Fuerteventura

Adam Sims Shredit

Have you ever wondered how one of the favorite training playground for the international freestyle elite would look like without the crowds? Check out Adam Sims (Sailloft/Patrik) latest Shredit - a GoPro only edit of his training period in Fuertevent...

COVID Update #4

After many weeks of uncertainties about the development of the general situation concerning COVID-19 worldwide, the decision to postpone both the EFPT Lanzarote 2020 and the EFPT Spiaggia Lunga in Italy to 2021 had to be done. The team of organisati...
Tom Hartmann EFPT

Meet the team: Tom Hartmann

He is the tall, bearded legend of the EFPT. Not many embody passion, spirit and professionalism in this industry just as much as Tom Hartmann. The Austrian former windsurfing pro has been with the tour since the start: as a competitor, a judge, a rac...

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