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COVID-19 Update #3

In the last couple of days some restrictions have been lifted in certain countries with the permission of participating individual sports, including windsurfing. Watersport enthusiasts in Europe sighed with relief, however travel bans and the prohibition to meet in bigger groups remain. These bans are of course not only highly affecting people personally and economically, but also affect the EFPT events of which a majority should have been staged in the first half of this year. EFPT Las Dunas Costa Brava , Spain After the EFPT event in Vieste, Italy has already been moved to September this year we now have to announce that also the EFPT at Costa Brava, Spain will have to be postponed. Si...

What’s up Dr. Rümenapp?

Johanna Rümenapp (Gunsails) is one of the best female freestyle windsurfers worldwide. The 25 years old German is a tough competitor with a big move repertoire and an endless motivation to improve. Whilst making a name for herself in the freestyle w...

Up & Downsides of Confinement

This could have been THE year, 2020 - this could have been it. The tour looked amazing for the season and the EFPT riders have been using the winter months for some intensive training all over the world. When COVID-19 hit Europe, at first people were...

Who did it best? A winter in South Africa.

For many pros, the latest training destination has been South Africa and numerous clips have been released, some of them during the lockdown period. The Cape-region delivers some of the best windsurfing conditions around in the globe, especially in t...

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