66 Mangrove tree’s planted for the 2022 EFPT Vieste

August 6th, 2022

Professional sports come with an inevitable environmental cost , and our second tour stop of the year in Vieste, Italy is no different. The numbers are now in! The combined travels of all riders and crew, as well as all the electricity and fuel use during the event have added up to 16.3 tonnes of CO2. As part of our ongoing commitment towards the climate, the Freestyle Pro Tour is collaborating with Starboard to offset these emissions 4 times over, to make the event climate positive. 

The EFPT Surf Opening in Austria had 134 mangroves planted to offset the emissions, bringing the total of planted mangroves for the 2022 season to 200! This is already more than double the emissions offset compared to the whole of the 2021 season. Read more about the cooperation between Starboard and the FPT HERE.