Andreas Rössler – Winner at the 1st EFPT Rookies Camp

May 2nd, 2021

The first ever EFPT rookies camp in Austria with headcoach Julian Wiemar, took place just before the Surf Opening 2021 kicked off. With the COVID situation still being quite serious in this area of the country, the organisation certainly had its challenges, but we are very proud about the fact that we were able to run it after all. JP/NeilPryde stepped up and provided a brand new JP Freestyle Pro in 85 lts for the ‘winner’ of the camp and sent JP/NP teamrider and World and European Champion Yentel Caers as an additional pro coach for the second camp day. The juniors got coached about competition rules and tactics, were practicing moves on land and even had the chance to practice on the water with some storm fronts pushing through.

On the second day, Yentel Caers introduced the rookies to tow-in windsurfing with a winch and whilst all of the kids have been showing some serious improvement, it had been local boy Andreas Rössler, who stood out the most. He could also convince the jury consisting of Julian Wiemar, EFPT CEO Adam Sims and Yentel Caers with his motivational letter. This letter had been a task given by coach Julian Wiemar: the juniors were supposed to write about their motivation, their goals in windsurfing and why they should get the brand new JP Freestyle Pro board:

‘The board would help me with my goal, to one day successfully compete in the EFPT. It would give me the motivation to train even more and train more effectively and it would help me to make my dream come true.’

Let’s meet Andreas Rössler – one of the most promising upcoming talents at lake Neusiedl.

EFPT: Andreas, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 18 years old, and I live in Neusiedl am See in Austria. Actually I‘m finishing the high school and have my graduation end of May. I started windsurfing around the age of eight, since three years I‘m freestyling. Since last summer I‘m working as windsurf instructor at the Segel- und Surfschule Nordstrand in my summer holidays. After school I will study physics at the university in Vienna. Beside windsurfing I do a lot of skating which I also really enjoy.

EFPT: Where is your homespot? 

My Homespot is Podersdorf which is located at the beautiful lake Neusiedl. I have always been surfing here. Even if the wind is very gusty and the water very choppy the lake is perfect to practice freestyle and it is so shallow that you can stand nearly everywhere. Even if the temperature in wintertime is challenging, we go windsurfing the whole year.

Andi at his homespot lake Neusiedl

EFPT: Where is your favorite windsurfing spot?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the possibility to travel to a lot of spots. Two years ago, I was in Lefkada / Vassiliki and I was windsurfing at ClubVass. There I had my first practice in the sea, which was exciting and a lot of fun. This year I am planning, depending on the Corona situation, to travel to Naxos or Brouwersdam to step up my skills.

EFPT: Who is your favorite windsurfing buddy?

Most of the time I am surfing with my three years younger brother Alex who also participated at the EFPT rookies camp and the crew from Surf and Segelschule Nordstrand like Michi Czech, Flo Fuhrmann or David Lewis. We all support each other and are trying to push each other to the next level.

Alex and Andi at the Surfgames in Podersdorf

EFPT: Who is your favorite windsurfer and why?

That’s a tough question! There are a lot of very talented athletes like Lennart Neubauer (Starboard/Severne), Julian Wiemar (Starboard/Severne) or Niclas Nebelung (Duotone/Fanatic). But If I have to pick, I will say Balz Müller (Severne). He has such a creative and radical style. I am always fascinated watching him surf.

EFPT: You participated in the first EFPT rookies camp in Austria. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Ohh wow, were to begin! On the first day we met Julian Wiemar, who told us about the rules of the EFPT competition. He taught us strategies for the competition and later on he helped us with our moves. We even managed to get a little 10 min session which was just like a real competition. On the second day Adam Sims brought us his winch and we had the possibility to practice tow-in the whole day. At the beginning it was very challenging but with Yentel Caers (JP/Neilpryde) as our tow-in teacher we improved really fast and had an exciting training.

Julian Wiemar, Andreas Rössler & Ilvy Schönwetter heading back out after the storm         (by Valentin Böckler)


EFPT: What was your favorite part in the rookies camp?

The whole camp was amazing, but my favorite part was for sure the tow-in. It was just terrific to practice tow-in moves the whole day. At first, I had a few difficulties to launch, but later I managed to land a few spocks and airjibes which felt amazing. Special thanks to Adam Sims for bringing his winch!

EFPT: You were the winner of the brand new 2021 JP Freestyle Pro board sponsored by JP/NeilPryde. What were your first thoughts and how did it feel when you tried it out for the first time?

At first, when Yentel said, that I won the board, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited and full of adrenaline that I was only fully aware that the board is actually mine when I was at home in the evening. After the award I got the possibility to do a few tow-in runs with the new board and landed a spock. A few days later it was windy again and I really could test my new JP Freestyle Pro 85lt on the water. This board feels completely different compared to my old one. It is a lot lighter and compacter and on the water the board spins incredible fast and is very stable in sliding moves.

Yentel Caers hands over the prize to Andi Rössler (by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: Which moves are you now training with your new JP freestyle board?

I am starting to learn my first power-moves such as switch semi konos, funnels and culos. Further I‘m trying to get more consistent at the basics, because I think that is very important for future competitions.

EFPT: Will we see you compete at some EFPT events in the future?

For sure! If training in the summer goes well, I am planning to compete at EFPT DAM-X in October or at least next year at the Surf Opening in Neusiedl am See.

Heading out with the new JP Freestyle Pro (by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: Anything you want to add and so to the EFPT, the coach, or JP/Neilpryde? 

First of all, I want to thank EFPT for organizing the rookies camp! Julian Wiemar is an excellent coach and windsurfer. We learned a lot from him along and had a lot of fun. He gave us some very useful tips and tricks for moves and competition.

It was really great that we got the tow-in technique taught by Yentel Cears who helped us a lot.

Especially I want to thank JP/NeilPryde for this amazing prize! With the new board, I have the possibility to push myself even more!

Special shout out to Felix Volkhardt for filming every try we did on the winch and to give us very useful tips. At least I want to thank the complete EFPT team to make this camp including tow-in happen and give us the chance to learn from the best.