Blast from the Past: Max Rowe, Gollito Estredo and Andre Paskowski in Brazil

August 20th, 2023

The autumn season is slowly coming up which can only mean one thing: riders are all planning their great migration to Brazil. One of the best ways to get excited for a windsurfing trip is to watch some clips from the upcoming destination. We’ve got a treat for you today! A Brazil video that seems to be etched into a lot of freestylers’ memory is “Team Fanatic in Brazil by Max Rowe”. The soundtrack and action brings up a certain nostalgia to the days when one was learning to freestyle and geeking out to these clips. After recently posting the late Andre Paskowski’s flare section on our Instagram, the clip is doing the rounds again and we hope you enjoy it (again) as much as we did! Entering the stage now: Max Rowe, Gollito Estredo and Andre Paskowski: