Blast from the Past – Windsurfing at Night? Blue Lagoon with Max Rowe and Adam Sims

September 23rd, 2022

Freestyle windsurfing would be nowhere without all the amazing action video’s produced. As we’re getting ready to close off the 2022 season, and move into winter training this year, we are looking towards some of these old(er) videos for inspiration! With our new Blast from the Past feature we will be highlighting the videos that shaped our passion for the sport. First up will be this iconic video from Blue Lagoon in Egypt. A spot that is now said to be unrideable due to the development around it, was a true gem at the time. Combined with some atmospheric lighting it set the stage for some amazing action by Max Rowe and Adam Sims. Check out the video where the two brits squeeze everything from this location:


We will be back with a new Blast from the Past next month! Have any suggestions? Feel free to send them over to us.