Brunotti – official outfitter of the EFPT Team

October 2nd, 2019

Since 2019 Brunotti has been equipping the EFPT crew with their amazing lifestyle clothing as well as technical gear for the cold and windy days. We are proud to have such an original brand cooperating with the tour and seeing the importance in organising freestyle events for pros and juniors. Time to find out more about this brand with a history of over 40 years, that has been created by a windsurfer and re-gained popularity over the past couple of years, by signing up some of the best freestyle and wave windsurfers of the planet.

When the Italian Claudio Brunotti travelled the world, he fell in love with the endless Dutch coast and settled in Scheveningen in 1979, where he entered several windsurfing competitions and opened up his first work-shop close to the beach, shaping the first Brunotti boards. Success came fast and Brunotti started selling his boards to local surfers. After hiring a new shaper (Jinne Sietsma) to help him out, Claudios focus shifted more and more towards developing his clothing brand.

With a homebase in Holland, where windsurfing had been THE thing to get involved in in the 80ies and 90ies and with the focus of Brunotti himself on quality, it steadily grew over the years. The brand had been born by the sea, but Claudio Brunotti also was a passionate snowboarder, so technical clothing for snowboarding has been developed besides pushing the lifestyle apparel designed for surfers.

Brunotti Team

EFPT Team – outfits by Brunotti (by Eric Bellande)

When kitesurfing gained popularity, Brunotti also started shaping kiteboards and taking on teamriders in the different disciplines. In 2019, Amado Vrieswijk (JP), Sarah Quita Offringa (Neilpryde/Starboard) and Riccardo Campello are part of their pro windsurfing dreamteam. The riders have always played a critical role in the R&D process, however the brands philosophy promotes that it doesn’t matter which sport you like best or how good you are at it, but to go out and enjoy it – no matter the conditions. Brunotti stands for accessible board sports disciplines for everyone and they achieve this by making 100% authentic and technical products, both for beginners and for pros. By now Brunotti distributes hardware in 35 countries and clothing in 17 countries and grew into an A-brand of value in the past 40 years.

Amado Vrieswijk – Brunotti teamrider at the EFPT event in Switzerland (by Ema Cauli)

Brunotti also plays a key role in our upcoming EFPT final at the DAM-X event at the Brouwersdam. We spoke to the head of the organisation team Rick Jendrusch about the special cooperation:

„Brunotti sponsors the Zeil and Surfcentrum as a company and as a location. All the staff is working in Brunotti team clothing and even our windsurfing instructors are equipped with wetsuits. We work together in the development of new products like wetsuits for the windsurfing school, because we have a lot of experience. Since one year we also run the Brunotti X Brouwersdam merchandise collection, which is super popular! Brunotti is one of our main sponsors for the event and helps us to make it all happen!“

Winner of the DAM-X 2018 Davy Scheffers

It’s always great to work with brands who are as passionate about the sport, as we are. With the help of Brunotti we can now visually represent the team and family that we are for many years already. Thank you so much for your support!

EFPT Family at the EFPT Lanzarote (by Eric Bellande)