Duotone and Fanatic boosting new Freestyle talent!

April 11th, 2022

Duotone and Fanatic are boosting new talent on the Freestyle scene! If you are a rookie on the Freestyle Pro Tour this year, then you might just win the Rookie of the Year Award. The most outstanding rider that enters their first season of competition on tour, which is what the award is for, will receive a Duotone rig and Fanatic board. Not only that, they will also get a one year sponsorship deal with the brands, furthering their ability to progress into a professional windsurfing career. We caught up with the brands to learn about their commitment to the future of our sport.

Current Young Blood Teamrider Eugenio Marconi in action

Freestyle Pro Tour: Why are rookies important to Fanatic/Duotone? Is your active support leading to success stories?
Duotone and Fanatic: For many years we have been actively supporting young riders through the Duotone/Fanatic Young Blood Team, which encourages the up and coming talents in the windsurfing scene. We aim to responsibly accompany the most ambitious talents on their way to becoming professional windsurfers and pursuing their dreams. Our focus on rookies has resulted in succes stories. Perhaps our greatest success story is Victor Fernandez. Victor made his PWA debut in 2001 and has been riding for us since 2002 – now in his 20th season with us, with 3 World Titles to his name he is still pushing the limits in the PWA Top 10. And of course freestyle legend Gollito Estredo who joined our team with only 13 years and won nine World Title with Fanatic boards and Duotone sails.

Freestyle Pro Tour: Who are your current Young Blood Teamriders for freestyle?
Duotone and Fanatic: We are super excited to have three young new freestylers in our team for 2022. Tijmen Meijer from the Netherlands and Eugenio Marconi from Italy have both joined Team Duotone/Fanatic with the 3rd rider still top secret…

Freestyle Pro Tour: How is Fanatic/Duotone’s gear a great pick for aspiring riders, what makes it work so well for improving?
Duotone and Fanatic:  Our freestyle range is perfect for both developing freestylers and the best in the world. The IDOL LTD is the lightest, yet most competitive freestyle sail we have ever built – supporting the needs of smaller, younger riders making it easy and manoeuvrable for learning new moves, yet equally sufficient to win Adrien Bosson the Vice World Champion title in 2021. Combined with the newest Platinum SLS hardware – it creates an ultralight rig that can be easily thrown around by even the smallest of riders. Additionally the Skate is designed to be your freestyle partner from your first air jibes through to putting down the latest double air rotations. 

Freestyle Pro Tour: Thank’s so much for your support this year! We are looking forward to announcing the 2022 Rookie of the Year Award together with you later this year!