EFPT at the Surf Worldcup, Austria

March 1st, 2020

We are delighted to confirm that the first tour-stop of the 2020 EFPT competition season will be staged at the Surf Worldcup in Neusiedl am See, Austria. This famous event hosted the European Tour multiple times before and has been the cradle of the European Tow-in Championship. This years edition will see a freestyle contest with € 10.000,- prize-money up for grabs as well as a € 3.000,- tow-in competition, that never seizes to wow the huge crowds at the beaches of lake Neusiedl.

This three star EFPT event will also be the first one to count for the 2020 FQS ranking. The top six ranked riders, beside the ones that are already in the PWAs top 20, will qualify for a place on the Freestyle World Tour of 2021.

Sam Esteve going big in front of the spectators (by Martin Reiter)

Lake Neusiedl is famous amongst the windsurfers of Austria as well as its neighbouring countries and delivers great windsurfing conditions throughout the majority of the year.

Tonky action at the Surf Worldcup 2018 (by Martin Reiter)

The incredible pictures of the tow-in competitions of the previous years, shot by Martin Reiter, made it around the globe. With thousands of spectators and a huge media attention, the Surf Worldcup always brings windsurfing and all the sports that evolve around it into the spotlight.

We are excited to kick off the season in Austria! See you there.

Local rider Max Matissek 2018 (Martin Reiter)