EFPT Spiaggia Lunga Village – A Preview

May 29th, 2019

The EFPT freestyle season started with a big bang at the EFPT Las Dunas Costa Brava last week. In up to 45 knots some of the best freestyle windsurfers of Europe battled for the first valuable points in the race for the Champions title this year. The second stage of 2019 takes the riders and crew to the beautiful area of Puglia, to the Campsite Spiaggia Lunga Village close to Vieste. We are expecting four days full of action, where the race for the title will continue. We had some words with one of the three organisers, Aldo Argenio, who is a passionate windsurfer himself and helped bring the European Freestyle Circuit to Italy. He was also the one, who showed the riders and the crew around today and presented ‘his paradise’ as he likes to call it. (All pics by Emanuela Cauli)

EFPT: Who is bringing the EFPT to Vieste?
Aldo: We are three organisers: me, I am a lawyer, father and windsurfer and all about water! I am in the salt water since the age of four years! Mario Ottaviano is the second one – he is the owner of a famous restaurant at the sea at Spiaggia Lunga Village. He is a father too and a real windsurfer since back when it all started! The third one is Pino Bucci, logistic experience Red Bull partner and a solid windsurfer as well. The sponsors that make this all possible are the Village Spiaggia Lunga, Hotel degli Aranci, Village Orchidee, Village Capo Vieste, Village Diomedee, Euro Vector (FIAT, JEEP, FCA GROUP), BPM (Bank), and others. It all happens in collaboration with the Comune di Vieste and Regione Puglia.

Sightseeing in Vieste

EFPT: What was the motivation to stage an European Freestyle event at Vieste?
Aldo: Vieste has a solid background as a windsurfing and kitesurfing spot since the 80’s, due to the thermal wind in spring and summer. It is loved by German & Austrian tourists from April to September. In summer (July and August) it is full of Italians, who love the sun and warm water.

EFPT: What makes the surfspot in Vieste special?
Aldo: The wind, the warm water, the colour of water and the awesome landscape! Of course also the Mediterranean and local culinary delights!

EFPT: Do you have local freestylers, who will get involved?
Aldo: Yes, we have two who want to compete Cesare Latino and Mauro De Luca.

EFPT: What can the riders expect from this tour-stop?
Aldo: We hope for some sunny and windy days, so the thermal wind can fully kick in!

EFPT: Who do you personally want to see competing?
Aldo: We would like to see the best freestylers such as Riccardo Marca, Yentel Caers, Steven Van Broeckhoven, Giovanni Passani and also Balz Muller – with his foil!

EFPT: What are your future plans / wishes for this event?
Aldo: We hope that all the people enjoy Vieste and our wonderful Gargano!

Riders & Crew enjoying Vieste