Erzen & Dumond take victory

October 12th, 2018

Day number three started early, with high hopes that the southerly wind would kick in properly already within the morning hours. Just around midday, the conditions were stable enough to send the juniors to the water.

Junior Boys

The losers final saw Nil Bacon (Severne) from France battling for 3rd place against Stefan de Bell (Severne) from Curacao. Nil, could land a flaka, spock, funnell and kono to count but it wasn’t enought to get passed De Bell who had a shaka, spock, clean switch chachoo and funnell on his judging sheets. In the winners final New Caledonian Corto Dumond (Severne), who had his first international event appearance in the EFPT Fuerteventura this year, sailed against Lennart Neubauer (Severne). Both riders showed some solid tricks, however Dumond could take victory in the end winning on technical difficulty and style.

Corto Dumond wins the junior boys single elimination

Junior Girls

Fighting for third place were Salomé Fournier from France and local rider Margo Kurvink, who could win the heat by a very close decision. Lina Erzen from Slovenia could decide the winners final in her favor, by sticking two perfect flakas and vulcans. Local girl Sterre Meijer (Severme) put on a great fight against the strong sailing Slovenian, but couldn’t stick all her tricks.

The junior riders were kept on hold through the remaining day with the intention of going straight into the double elimination as soon as conditions would allow it.

Lina Erzen from Slovenia

Pro Fleet

The sailors in the pro fleet showed some skills and patience today, as heats had to get cancelled and re-sailed several times due to the tricky wind conditions. Upset of the day was caused by Valentin Böckler (Gunsails) from Germany who sailed a solid heat against Bonairean Taty Frans. Böckler used the lighter wind to his advantage and landing a shove-it spock, a shaka and flaka 360 on port and an eslider, funnel and switch chachoo on starboard tack. Adrien Bosson (Duotone/Fanatic) took out team-mate Nick Van Ingen, by landing power-moves as well as oldschool tricks and therefor displaying some smart competition sailing. So did Brit Adam Sims (Sailloft/Patrik), who advanced over Dudu Levi (Gunsails/Fanatic) from Israel by landing a nice shove-it spock, shaka, grubbies on both tacks, as well as a culo and a matador, a move that is rarely seen in competition. Going to the next round were also Steven Van Broeckhoven (JP/Gunsails), Riccardo Marca (Duotone/Fanatic), Mattia Fabrizi (Patrik), Francesco Cappuzzo (RRD/RRD) and Antony Ruenes.

Valentin Böckler focused

With the wind becoming more and more unstable later in the day, the riders were kept on hold, however the competition had to be called off at around 6.00 pm. For now we keep our fingers crossed for sailable conditions in the upcoming days and stick with an early start tomorrow morning.