Find Your Style – Dudu Levi and Stam Promponas in Naxos, Greece

September 27th, 2022

Almost traditionally now, Dudu Levi (FutureFly/Gun Sails) releases a new video from Naxos after the summer. The Israeli Freestyler spent a month on the Greek Island and managed to collect his best moves on camera. Putting together a clip that should make every freestyler long for the water, he shows that despite injury he can perform at the highest level. Naxos local Stam Promponas (Severne) also features in the video, displaying his latest progress.  We caught up with Dudu about the video in a short interview below, before we get there though, enjoy the clip:


FPT: Sick video Dudu! Amazing to see you improve your content year by year. You edited the video by yourself this time?
Dudu: First of all thanks! I am happy that it is possible to create high quality content and share it with the whole world. I’m especially happy that others love it and give positive feedback. Yes, I edited the content that me and Stamatis managed to film! I enjoy creating and editing video’s from the places I travel! It makes the experience of being in a place much more fun when others can see your adventures!

FPT: You titled your work”Find your style”. Can you share your thoughts on that title? Are you looking for your own style lately or exploring new moves?
Dudu: The title is inspired by my injury. I couldn’t work so much on moves I am not 100% sure about. Therefore I concentrated on improving what I know and doing it in my own style. This is also the atmosphere of Stam. He is really good in seeing what makes someone else’s sailing special! Finally I wanted to nudge viewers towards focussing on the enjoyment of sports, and their own unique way of doing moves in freestyle windsurfing.

FPT: How’s your injury in the meantime? Getting back slowly?
Dudu: I got injured in Fuerteventura a few weeks before I got to Naxos. Luckily I had some days without wind when I got there to heal up a bit, but I still feel it and in the video I really had a hard time sailing full power.

FPT: You mentioned sharing your time on the water with Stam. Can you tell us a bit more about him?
Dudu: I met Stam a year ago when I visited the island and we have become good friends! He is an inspiring personality who has been windsurfing for many, many years and still manages to do freestyle at the highest level. He’s the kind of guy that always shows up at the beach with a positive attitude and makes every session fun.

FPT: At the end we see a couple of young rippers, have you been coaching a new generation of freestylers on your off-time?
Dudu: At the end of the clip you see Stam’s children spending their summer vacation at the windsurf club. Around the beach there actually are many young kids that come to windsurf. I am always happy to help and give advice to young windsurfers who ask how to do moves, and also try to show them how much fun this sport is.

FPT: Switching gears a bit, you also switched board sponsors to FutureFly recently, how has the change been?
Dudu: I’m happy about the change I made! It always takes time to get used to new equipment but it only does well. Each board has unique features and it affects the style, opening up different moves for you that you are not used to do. I guess it’s yet another reason for the title of my video.

FPT: What’s your plans now? What can we expect next?
Dudu: Now I’m back home to work and save for the next adventures, there’s nothing planned yet, but you’ll probably find me in Cape Town when it’ll be too cold in Israel!

FPT: Thanks so much Dudu! Always a pleasure to see your work and speak to you!