Francisco Goya and the brands philosophies

October 29th, 2019

As a professional windsurfing tour, we are not only working for and together with organisers and riders, but also the windsurfing brands. We are more than lucky to have an ongoing support by most of the big names in the industry and we are excited to see representatives join us at our events from time to time. This year we had the honor to welcome Francisco Goya at one of our EFPT stages, where he could see the EFPT and his Goya team-riders in action. It has also been a great opportunity to learn more about the brand that he created and his philosophies.

Ever since Francisco had been six years old he started tuning his skateboards, customize his surfboards and convert them into windsurfing boards together with his brother Lalo. After growing up in Buenos Aires, with the next surfable wave hours away, he moved to Maui by the age of 18, where he could live his dream and ride all day long. He turned his passion into his profession and has been researching and developing windsurfing boards and sails ever since. In his team, Francisco surrounds himself with riders who inspire him, who he enjoys riding with and who then translate it all into the R&D process with ease. Francisco believes in the importance of seeing the riders as a whole: the person, the athlete,  the adventurer and the creator. This is how he like to see his brand: a family of passionate windsurfers of all disciplines who achieve great things working together.

Francisco Goya (credits Goya Windsurfing)

EFPT: You are coming from a wave background. What is your personal connection to freestyle?

I grew up in Buenos Aires, always loving freesports and water but the closest waves were a couple of hundred miles from my hometown – so I mostly lived it in my head! We did however chase them whenever possible!

I love riding with our freestyle team: Antoine, Yarden, Jay, Rob… they are all doing moves that are hard for me to imagine. The principals of their action though, go back to speed & control – this is where I can translate it back into their gear, to increase those two factors.

EFPT: What was the motivation to start your own brand?

I love windsurfing too much and I wanted to create a home for all the people that share the same feeling.

EFPT: Goya has been developing freestyle boards and sails over the past years. Why do you think it’s important to invest into this discipline?

I love it, the level inspires me and the people behind it. Also everything comes together in design, we constantly learn from all the disciplines, so whatever we learn in freestyle or in racing we bring it into the waves and the other way around.

EFPT: You are on board with the EFPT as a sponsor for the third year now and had the chance to see one of our events life in Costa Brava. How did you enjoy the event?

Amazing!! I’m so stoked to see the EFPT giving it all! Tom, you (Hanna) and the whole team are as passionate as it can be, with the priorities in bringing the sport across. We are lucky to have you!

Francisco joining the EFPT event at the Costa Brava (by Job Vermeulen)

EFPT: Do you follow the EFPT and PWA events online? 

Yes, online makes it easier to follow it when I can’t make it, but there is nothing like being at the event site, this is where the rubber meets the road, and the best are giving it all.

EFPT: Did you ever try one of the new-school freestyle tricks?

For sure! I was in Hood River with Antoine and he got me to try some of the backwinded tricks! To be honest I’m not getting much height from the water, but I’m working on it and I am stoked to be adding some plasticity to my brain. 

Antoine Albert – part of the Goya Freestyle Team (credits Goya Windsurfing)

EFPT: Your freestyle team consists of some very impressive riders like Antoine Albert and Yarden Meir. What would be your personal phantasy Goya freestyle team, if you could choose any rider and why?

My dream is working with people that inspire me and I enjoy riding with. They have a passion for what they do and they want to share it across their riding, gear, their vision for the sport, team & business. That is why I love working with my team and if they do great in an event even better.

EFPT: What’s more important for a brand nowadays: an athlete with good results or an athlete with a great media/social media coverage?

I believe it is all part of it. Usually a rider that is passionate will eventually achieve good results, develop good media communication, will naturally get involved on the gear development along the business. This is what I’m after- the whole person and relationship through time. This is where great things happen and life is way more meaningful and enjoyable in this way.

Wave action in Maui (credits Goya Windsurfing)

EFPT: What’s your personal message you would like to spread into the world?

Be yourself, that is way more fun!

EFPT: Anything you want to add?

Any tips for learning freestyle moves any faster?!