Freestyle Action Roundup of the Month – August

September 2nd, 2022

The summer is in full force across Europe, with a lot of riders enjoying the conditions around the continent! As always, the moves of freestyle windsurfers do not go unnoticed by cameramen, meaning we get to enjoy their style online. In our monthly video feature we’ve put together the best freestyle video’s so that you don’t have to miss anything! For August we will be following along with our current Freestyle Pro Tour ranking leader, checking up on the Swedish junior freestyle team and seeing what the Severne Freestyle Team has been up to. Without further delay, let’s hit play!


First up is our current tour leader Jacopo Testa (AV-Boards/Point-7) who released some of his best moves from when he was training in Tarifa. The 2022 two-time event winner shows off a host of massive power moves, confirming that he means business this season, no matter the conditions:


We are still wondering how Jacopo manages to control his Spock’s so well in these conditions. The video sure is a masterclass of what’s possible in our sport!

Next up we’ve got the Severne team who just released their new Freestyle board, the Psycho 3. The release was celebrated with a sick session in Fuerteventura. Felix Volkhardt (Severne/MUF), Dieter van der Eyken (Severne), Takumi Moriya (Severne) and Philip Koster (Severne) shared some quality time on the water, culminating in the following clip:

A dream team to be a part of for sure! And it’s not the first time that we see that Philip Koster has quite some freestyle potential as well…

Another team worthy of your admiration is the junior freestyle team from Sweden, led by Erik Håkman (Starboard). Joined by his proteges Måns Schoultz (Starboard), Primus Sörling (Starboard/Severne) and Anton Öqvist (Starboard), they rip up their local spot in a quick fire video:


We’ve already seen Primus’ potential at last years EFPT Theologos and through various videos, and we are excited to see more of Måns and Anton in the near future!

Sticking with the Scandinavians, it’s time to check up with Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt. A regular on our action video roundups, she is this time reminding us of the risks that come with our sport. Injuring her foot a couple of days before the Wave World Cup, she reflects on the rehabilitation process and highlights the lesser shown side of being a professional freestyle sports athlete. 


We’re surprised the video didn’t already include some freestyle on the scooter or crutches! All jokes aside, we hope everyone stays safe out there, and we wish Oda Johanne a quick recovery! 

Apart from highlighting the best quality freestyle clips out there, we also want to put a spotlight on lesser known and improving riders. Amaury Marchand (JP/NeilPryde) has been busting out the foil on lighter wind days to spice up his freestyle game:


We love seeing more and more riders getting into Foilstyle. Check out Amaury’s channel as well for some french freestyle tutorials!

That’s it for this month! Join us in October for your next dose of Freestyle Windsurfing action. If you have any suggestions for videos that need to be featured, feel free to contact us!