IFCA Judging Seminar 2014

April 14th, 2014

The third judging seminar will take place in the city of The Hague on the sandy coastline of Holland from the 4th of April till the 6th, at the Internationaal Topzeilcentrum in Scheveningen.

The seminars program contains several sessions from mornings till afternoon about subjects such as freestyle event set up, judging, freestyle maneuvers knowledge and event management.

On the final day there will be a written test plus a visual freestyle competition judging test followed by a closing lunch with reviewing of the answers.

Brief history:

This Seminar was organized by the president of the International Funboard Class Association to grant official certificates to a selection of IFCA certified judges.

These judges get priority and are useful for events running underneath the IFCA such as:

The European Freestyle Pro Tour and the IFCA Freestyle Championship events for youth, Junior and pro kids. Next to that it is also useful for local organisers to work with international certified judges.

Why is there a need for more judges:

Finding good judges for national and international events is sometimes not so easy.

With this annual seminar we would like to have a bigger contact list of certified judges around Europe and the World for future events and to be able to provide contacts to local organisers.

Minimum Participants: 10
Maximum Participants: n/a

Register before 28th of March

“The scheduled seminar will be moved to a new date if there are not enough participants”

For more information and YOUR registrations please email to:

Bruno de Wannemaeker: bruno.ifca@pandora.be skype: bruno.ifca