It’s on – Engadinwind 2021 confirmed

July 22nd, 2021

The epic VANORA Engadinwind by Dakine at lake Silvaplana in Switzerland is officially going into the next round in 2021! The organisation team around Christian Müller left no stone unturned in order to make sure that this classic event can take place, despite challenging conditions.

The EFPT tow-in will be staged from the 19th – 22nd of August and will be open to any EFPT rider who wants to participate. Just as in the previous years however, eight riders will be invited to compete. Lennart Neubauer (Starbaord/Severne), Yentel Caers (JP/Neilpryde), Amado Vrieswijk (Futurefly / Severne), winner of the tow-in 2020 Antoine Albert (Goya/Goya), Sarah Quita Offringa (Starboard/Neilpryde) and wave superstar Thomas Traversa will be joined by national riders Balz Müller (Severne) and Michi Naef.

Antoine Albert – Vanora Engadinwind 2020

With € 5.000,- up for grabs at the tow-in competition, we expect those riders to push their levels even further. It’s especially going to be interesting to see the improvement of Lennart Neubauer, who stepped up his game year by year and who used the time off events to train tow-in at his homespot. Also EFPT champion Yentel Caers is still one of the riders to beat. Caers had been going for the double air culo in the previous years, but could never quite get the landing. Will 2021 see the perfect double air culo, by either Caers or Amado Vrieswijk, who had been aiming to land this move for a while himself? Furthermore we’ll see the New Caledonian rider Antoine Albert on the water, who is never one to underestimate and always shows great consistency in this discipline. Also local rider Balz Müller will aim for the crown and even windsurf multi talented Thomas Traversa will be a tough opponent. A big shoutout needs to go out to the only lady in the fleet, Sarah Quita Offringa, who certainly made the guys sweat a bit last season after securing a place in the final.

Lennart Neubauer – a tough opponent in 2021

The tow-in competition will count for the the overall EFPT tow-in title in 2021, as well as for the EFPT overall winner. This will be the competitor with the best performance overall through all the disciplines in 2021. This title will be awarded alongside the EFPT freestyle champion title of 2021.

We are looking forwards to another great year at the VANORA Engadinwind by Dakine and hope to see many of you tuning into the livestream and our social media channels, to follow the action!