Jacopo Testa becomes 2022 European Freestyle Windsurfing Champion

October 29th, 2022

Italian Jacopo Testa (AV-Boards/Point-7) has officially become the 2022 European Freestyle Windsurfing Champion! In what is uncharacteristic of Leucate, the wind did not fill in to a satisfactory level during the 10-day waiting period, causing the EFPT Finals to be called off, settling the current championship rankings.  The lack of wind for the event means that the European Championship has been decided in favour of Testa, who claims the title for the second time in his career after a tight battle with Yentel Caers (JP/NeilPryde). The end of the season also brings along the announcement of the FPT Proving Grounds Series for this winter season as well as the FPT Awards. Read all the details below.

Caers and Testa shared a formidable championship battle in 2022 (picture by Emanuela Cauli)

Testa becomes European Champion

The lack of wind for the 2022 EFPT Finals means that the championship battle has been decided. Jacopo Testa becomes European Freestyle Windsurfing Champion for the second time in his career after an impressive display at our events in Austria and Italy. The EFPT Surf Opening in Neusiedl am See saw him dominate in lighter winds to win the final ahead of Belgian Yentel Caers. Impressing the judges with consistent Chachoo’s, the Italian set the stage for a winning campaign. The disappointing result of 2021 European and World Champion Amado Vrieswijk (FutureFly/Severne) also meant he had one rival less to contend for the title with.

Testa came into his home event in Italy as tour leader, proudly wearing the yellow jersey. However, he lost out to Caers in the single elimination final, tying them for the tour lead. Luck was on his side though, as the wind turned out to be better than expected, allowing for a double elimination to be ran. Testa won the final in spectacular fashion, forcing a super final for the event win. Carrying on his momentum, he managed to dispatch Caers in front of a beach packed with his supporters. Not knowing it at the time, he had deservingly sealed his second European Title. The FPT would like to congratulate Jacopo Testa on his performance this season!

We already got a glimpse of the 2022 Men’s Freestyle Podium at the first event in Austria (Picture by Emanuela Cauli)

The Belgians completing the podium

Yentel Caers becomes 2022 Vice-European Freestyle Champion for a second year in a row. The Belgian is the man to beat in strong winds, but unfortunately the odds haven’t been in his favour this year. The close battle with Testa put him in a solid second place, miles ahead of the rest of the field. Completing the podium is Dieter Van der Eyken (Severne Windsurfing) who has shown his competitive consistency with a 3rd and 5th finish throughout the season. Congratulations to both riders!

Not far behind in the rankings were Steven Van Broeckhoven (Starboard/Gunsails) and Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing). In what would have been an epic showdown for third, the two athletes have to settle for 4th and 5th respectively. See the full 2022 ranking below.

The ending of the season also means that the 2022 FPT Awards are coming up. A night where the best action in our sport is celebrated along with the crowning of the 2022 European Champions. More information on the event will be released very soon!

No wind at the 2022 EFPT Finals

Leucate is known as one of the windiest places in Europe. When the Wesh Center Crew owner Julien Taboulet was keen to set up an on-forecast event with the FPT, hopes were high to run a strong wind freestyle event. However, with the waiting period starting on the 23rd of October, the forecast immediately left riders and crew wishing for more. With no suitable direction and strength, the waiting game begun. Being teased a couple of times by the weather models, the Freestyle Pro Tour even considered extending the waiting period a couple of days to ensure an epic season finale. Unfortunately the latest developments have indisputably confirmed the lack of proper conditions, leading to the difficult decision to call off the event. The FPT Team would still like to thank the Wesh Center Crew for their efforts and are working hard to carry this collaboration into the 2023 season.

FPT Proving Grounds Series

As the season ends, the Freestyle Pro Tour is announcing the all new Proving Grounds Series. In our effort to support local events, the tour will sponsor 5 events this winter, with €1000 each in prize money. Starting with Brasil and Cape Town, there are still 3 spots open. Are you a group of local motivated freestyle windsurfers who want to organise a freestyle competition? Get in touch with the FPT and pitch your event! More information about the brand new series coming soon!


2022 Overal Ranking Freestyle Men

  Name   Country Board Sponsor Sail Sponsor Austria Vieste Total
            ★★★ ★★★  
1 Jacopo Testa Italy AV Boards Point-7 300 300 600
2 Yentel Caers Belgium Neilpryde JP Australia 255 255 510
3 Dieter Van der Eyken Belgium Severne Severne 225 165 390
4 Steven Van Broeckhoven Belgium Gunsails Starboard 158 225 383
5 Antoine Albert France Goya Goya 195 150 345
6 Adrien Bosson France Duotone Fanatic 95 195 290
7 Sam Esteve France Neilpryde JP Australia 158 128 285
8 Michi Czech Austria Severne Severne 128 95 222
9 Matteo Testa Italy F2 F2 95 95 189
10 Bodhi Kempen The Netherlands Severne Severne 65 95 159
  Ilay Bamnolker Israël F2 F2 65 95 159
12 Tigo Kort The Netherlands Neilpryde JP Australia 65 65 129
13 Youp Schmit Bonaire       128 128
  Amado Vrieswijk Bonaire Severne FutureFly 128   128
15 Felix Volkhardt Germany Severne Severne 38 65 102
  Eugenio Marconi Italy Duotone Fanatic 38 65 102
17 Jamie Howard UK Severne Severne 95   95
  Dudu Levi Israël Gunsails FutureFly 95   95
19 Tim Gerdes The Netherlands Severne Severne 38 38 76
  George Grisley UK     38 38 76
21 Adam Sims United Kingdom Sailloft     65 65
  Foivos Tsoupras Germany Duotone Fanatic 65   65
23 Mathias Vingaard Denmark Severne Starboard 17 38 55
  Piero Rautnik Italy     17 38 55
25 Alexandr Sorokin Russia       38 38
  Raphael Bauer France Severne Starboard   38 38
  Primus Sörling Sweden Severne Starboard   38 38
  Cesare Ltino Italy       38 38
  Eliran Levi Israël F2 F2 38   38
  Niclas Nebelung Germany Duotone Fanatic 38   38
  Paul Simmerl Austria F2 F2 38   38
  Paweł Kaźmierczak Poland     38   38
33 Nascimo Fournier France Sailloft     23 23
  Aaron Smith United Kingdom F2 F2   23 23
35 Maurizio Moritz Austria Duotone Fanatic 17   17
  Oliver Townsend UK     17   17
  Andreas Rössler Austria     17   17
  Pawel Palichleb Poland Duotone Fanatic 17   17