Julian Wiemar – Taking on the World’s Best Freestylers

August 10th, 2017

20 years old Severne/Starboard rider Julian Wiemar from Germany, had his debut on the European Freestyle Pro Tour in 2014 and since then regularly ended up in the top 25 positions in the EFPT and PWA rankings. This year though, the young German seems to be ready to take on the top ten. We caught up with the talented freestyler, who grew up close to Cologne and far away from the next sailable spot, to find out more about his motivations and plans regarding his professional windsurfing career.

EFPT: Julian, you have been an outstanding sailor this year, not only in the EFPT but also in the PWA. Now you just won the German Freestyle Championship. Did you train like a beast in winter, or are you simply more focused now in competition?

Julian: Hey! Thank you! Yeah, I finally managed to put some good heats together this year. But I would not say it’s because I trained like a beast in winter or because of a different focus or mindset. I’ve just been sailing a lot last winter in all kinds of conditions and I’ve never had more fun on the water than right now. I’m in love with windsurfing and especially freestyle, and thats why I just improved a lot.
The second point are my injuries. Last year after I’ve finished school and when I started traveling and competing, I broke my hand and injured a ligament here and there. So I was always recovering and thinking about it on the water. But now, since the beginning of this year, I’m a 100% fit every time I hit the water and my head is completely free. So I can just enjoy every session to the fullest, not thinking about anything else.

Julian Wiemar at the EFPT Lanzarote (by Eric Bellande)

EFPT: At the moment you are dedicating your whole life to windsurfing – how does a year in your life look like?

Julian: As grew up in a place far from the sea, I’m basically trying to travel to windy places as much as I can and combine it with different freestyle competitions. I am in constant search for new sponsors and supporters to finance a full competition season. Before this happens and to afford trips like Cape Town for three months in winter, I’m lucky enough that I can help out in my fathers shops in my hometown.

Training in Capetown (by Valentin Böckler)

EFPT: How do you prepare for events and heats?

Julian: I like to arrive a few days early at the spot where the competition is gonna happen to understand the spot and get used to it. The morning before the heats, I like to wake up early, go to the beach, warm up on land, then on the water, then set the watch and go!

EFPT: Is there anyone in the fleet who acts like a “mentor” for you or who do you look up to?

Julian: My friends I travel and live with during the events. Like for example at the last EFPT event in Lanzarote: Jeremy (editors note: Jeremy Plüss), he is more experienced in competitions than me and he taught me a lot about it and also pushed me a lot on the water the days before the event.

Winning the German Freestyle Championship

EFPT: After sailing great in Lanzarote, you were unlucky in Fuerteventura and your boom broke in the heat. How are your emotions when something like this happens?

Julian: Yeah I was very unlucky in Fuerteventura. First I couldn’t believe what happened, because I knew there was only one chance, as we only did one double elimination. But after one day I almost forgot about it and only learned one significant thing: Never sail an important heat without someone watching you, who can help you with spare equipment. Just in case….

EFPT: Whats your plan for the winter?  

Julian:  I really have no idea yet. But yeah, I really hope that I’m gonna be in a warm and windy place.

EFPT: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Julian: The only thing I’m completely sure about is, that I’m still gonna do what makes me happy: windsurfing!

EFPT: Thanks Julian and good luck for the upcoming events!

Airtime at Costa Teguise (by Eric Bellande)