Maaike Huvermann about her new video project “Lowlands part 1”

April 5th, 2022

Maaike Huvermann (Severne/MUF) has not been sitting still this winter. Together with filmmaker Sean Benney she wandered off the beaten path and explored multiple new spots in the Netherlands. In the video she explains her motivation to do so, and talks about her connection to her home country the Netherlands. We caught up with Maaike about the project to get an insight into the inspiration and challenges that windsurfing in such unconventional places brings. Before reading though, check out the video first (if you haven’t already…)!

FPT: Hi Maaike, sick video! Make sure to take us with you next time you’re going out…
Maaike: Thank you! I will soon be exploring more spots, like the well known dutch tourist spot Kinderdijk, so I will be sure to let you know to come along 😉

FPT: You found a lot of cool places to windsurf, how did you go about searching for new locations to try out?
Maaike: I searched for a few places on google maps, but most of the places we found as we were driving around. There are so many possibilities here, so if you are keeping an eye out you will always find something to try.

FPT: Cool, so you were just roaming around! Were there any spots you’ll come back to that were not just for “show” in the video?
Maaike: Yeah! For example, the field spots worked really well, much better than I originally expected. The white windmill is really close to my home and also wasn’t too bad. That spot is actually a 5 min drive from my house, so definitely good for sailing if I can’t make it to the beach.

FPT: Perfect for a quick after work session then! Any specific challenges you faced at such unconventional spots?
Maaike: There were really not that many issues. I expected a lot more obstacles with people not allowing me to sail places or spots that I wouldn’t be able to get to. The biggest problem I had was the rain (:P). I hope I’m not jinxing it for later videos though…

FPT: Will there be a spot guide coming for these spots as well (wink wink)?
Maaike: Good idea! I will keep a track of the really good spots to put together in a list ?

FPT: Great! And maybe you’ll find an amazing spot for a second FPT event in the Netherlands… Thank you for your time, and we’re looking forward to seeing part 2!