Must watch: “Landing Day” with Dudu Levi, Felix Volkhardt and Adam Sims

April 2nd, 2023

Have you had your head in the clouds? Do not worry, we’re here to update you on the fact that the latest and greatest in Freestyle action movies has lift off! With Dudu Levi (FutureFly/Gunsails), Felix Volkhardt (Severne/Maui Ultra Fins) and Adam Sims (Sailloft) popping up on the radar, the film explores what a “Landing Day” feels like for each of those aviators. Pure action, tantalising cinematics and good vibes are presented on the marvellous backdrop of the ever windy freestyle paradise of Fuerteventura. All ingredients are on board in order to get each and every windsurfer excited to increase the altitude of their own aerials. Check out the three soaring protagonists in their clip below, but first… fasten your seatbelts, stow away your tray tables and put your seats in the upright position – Landing Day is here!

Featuring: Dudu Levi, Felix Volkhardt, Adam Sims, Tomer Shamgar, Robin van Linden, Eddie Boerman, Florian Raggosnig, Lisa Kloster, Antoine Albert, Dieter Van der Eyken, Alina Shalin, Shania Raphael, Eilon “Pini” Wilson
Produced by: Aalvaa Media