Nebelung wins Danish Open as Takumi Moriya simultaneously takes the victory at the JWA x FPT Motosuko

June 1st, 2023

What an exciting weekend just passed. It was not just Vesoul that was lit up with some quality action; the freestyle scene was also treated to action from Denmark and Japan. Winning the Danish Open Freestyle discipline was Niclas Nebelung (Fanatic/Duotone/Maui Ultra Fins), while Takumi Moriya (Severne) warmed up for the competition in Vieste by winning the second stop of the JWA tour in Motosuko, Japan. Read about both of these Proving Grounds Series events below!

The Danish Open saw some Chachoo action by Rasmus Ogelund! Picture by Brian Engblad

The first stop of the 2023 Danish Open was a success with strong winds and waves galore for the total of 47 signed up competitors across all disciplines. Being a roaming event, the final decision was made to run in the waves of Klitmoller.  Niclas Nebelung (Fanatic/Duotone/Maui Ultra Fins) took the win in the Freestyle discipline, fending off Mathias Genkel (Sailloft) in second and Rasmus Ogelund (Severne) in third. A welcome victory for the German rider who was disappointed with his result at the German Freestyle Battles the week before. On his path to the top, he also had to dispatch of his own brother Lucas Nebelung (JP/Gunsails/Maui Ultra Fins), a battle that is always spectacular. In the Juniors it was Tobias Bjørnå Andersen who ascended the number 1 podium spot, with Anton Richter in second and Lars Bubelach in third. The Juniors fleet impressed with the turnout and action, with lots of very young riders attending. Joining as well but unfortunately not making the podium were Leander Halm (Starboard/Severne/Maui Ultra Fins) and Bjorn Olesen (Severne). At their young age they were serious contenders in these wavy freestyle conditions! Like Nebelung, both were present in Fehmarn the week before and decided to get some extra competition experience in!

Bjorn Olesen sending it during the Juniors Freestyle competition! Picture by Brian Engblad

About 8 hours ahead of the Danish Open action, the Japanese Freestyle scene was also enjoying their time on the water. At the second stop of the Japanese Windsurfing Association Freestyle Championship at Lake Motosuko in Japan, it was the youngster Takumi Moriya who came out on top. The 16-year-old rider is currently on his way to the EFPT in Vieste, and will surely be a contender there based off of his performance in Japan. Taking second place from the 10 man strong fleet was Yuma Kobayashi (Starboard/Severne) with Takuma Sugi (Tabou/GA-Sails) completing the podium. With the first event not yielding an official result, Moriya is now leading the JWA Freestyle rankings. The next stop will take place in Tsukuihama in early November!

Kensuke Tsuno (JP/NeilPryde) going for a Shove-It Spock in Motosuko

In other news, the Polish National Championships, the King of Hel, is postponed till September. We are excited to see the Polish Freestyle scene pop off, as we have heard rumours of countless underground riders improving significantly over the last year!