Obituary: Alexey Karachevtsev

May 24th, 2021

The sad news reached the EFPT office today, that Alexey Karachevtsev, passed away due to a tragic accident at the age of 33. Alexey has been part of the Russian freestyle team, that had been regulary attending the European Freestyle Pro Tour events. Just like Dimitry Tertyshnyy and Vladimir Yakovlev, also Alexey Karachevtsev impressed in competition through his technical sailing. First and foremost however, it has always been a pleasure to welcome him at our tour-stops due to his kind and most respectful character.

Alexey at the DAM-X 2016

We are beyond sad about these heartbreaking news and would like to send our condolences to Alexeys family and friends.

We wish you wind and waves whereever you are now.

Rest in peace.