Oegelund becomes 2023 Danish Freestyle Champion

November 28th, 2023

Rasmus Oegelund becomes the 2023 Danish Freestyle Champion after 3 completed events this year. Noah Willumsen comes in second, with Mads Bjornaa (Duotone) in third. The Danish Open has been part of the 2023 FPT Proving Grounds Series and has shown a massive and dedicated freestyle community in Denmark. Some of the stops were also attended by riders coming from neighbouring countries, like the german Niclas Nebelung (Duotone/Maui Ultra Fins) who won one of the events. The FPT is excited to see the growth of national freestyle competitions, with a total of 28 competitors in the open class, and can’t wait to see what 2024 will bring for Danish Freestyle windsurfing!

Rasmus Oegelund during one of the Danish Open Freestyle events. Picture by Brian Engblad // Iostawavein79.com


2023 Danish Open Freestyle Ranking

1 Rasmus Øgelund 
2 Noah Willumsen 
3 Mads Bjørnaa 
4 Malte Øgelund 
5 Kasper Gaj 
6 Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederiksen 
7 Michael Falkenberg 
8 Anton Richter 
9 Anton Aalborg 
10 Niclas Nebelung 
11 Lukas Tollak 
12 Mathias Genkel 
13 Simon Thule 
14 Christian Ferraro 
15 Gard Langseth
15 Lucas Nebelung
17 Tobias Bjørnaa 
18 Jakob Deutloff 
18 Asger Fonnesbech 
21 Bjørn Olesen 
21 Allan Hagner
21 Samuele  Ferraro
21 Carlos Kiefer Quintana 
21 Kymani Laurent 
21 Emil Skov Nielsen 
27 Thomas Svensson 
27 Lars Bubelach