Rasmus Øgelund wins second stop of Danish Open

July 4th, 2023

Rasmus Øgelund (Severne) tops the podium at the second stop of the Danish Open x EFPT. Taking place on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June, the best of Denmarks Freestyle Windsurfers took another crack at competition as part of the the FPT Proving Grounds Series. Completing the podium with Øgelund were Noah Willumsen in second and event co-organizer Mads Bjørnaa (Fanatic/Duotone) in third. Read the full report and watch the video below.

Rasmus Øgelund excited about his performance on the water!

With a two-day event window only, the event was blessed with an excellent weekend to run a freestyle competition. Although the first day had no suitable forecast, the ample presence of the sun and the fact that water is still cold from the winter season, meant that a thermal wind would build towards the evening. Running out of the Surfklubben Nasa in Klitmøller, riders were on standby until the relaxed vibes gave way to some anxious pacing once the water came to life. Completing one round until the wind and the sun dropped, the momentum was now on for a much better sunday.

Bjorn Olessen impressed at the second stop of the Danish Open x EFPT

Relocating to Krik, located in the southern part of what is known as Cold Hawaii, the single elimination was continued right away. Rasmus Øgelund was sailing exceptionally well and managed to beat Mads Bjørnå in the final. The runners up final saw Noah Willumsen and Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederik clash, with Willumsen coming out on top.

Øgelund in action

With continually improving conditions, the double elimination was on straight away. As always in the comeback round, some riders manage to impress and fight their way back up the ladder. Upcoming Freestyle talent Bjørn Olesen (Severne) was at the forefront of this, coming back to secure himself 6th place. The North Sea also saw Malte Øgelund (Goya) fight back, managing to make it all the way up to 4th. On the podium we saw Rasmus Øgelund comfortably defending his top spot, but his defence had to be mounted against Willumsen who had just relegated Bjørnaa to a third spot in an exciting heat.

The final podium of the second stop of the 2023 Danish Open!

Once again putting Denmark on the worlds Freestyle map, the Danish Open will be back in week 42 – a Danish national holiday. Stay tuned to our channels to be updated on the action!

Top 10 Results:

  1. Rasmus Øgelund
  2. Noah Willumsen
  3. Mads Bjørnaa
  4. Malte Øgelund
  5. Nicolaj Klitgaard Frederik
  6. Bjørn Olesen
  7. Lukas Tollak
  8. Michael Falkenberg Larsen
  9. Tobias Bjørnaa
  10. Allan Hager