Rising star Jacopo Testa

August 18th, 2017

There is one name in the freestyle windsurfing circuit, that you cannot get your head around in 2017: Jacopo Testa. The Italian RRD rider, who lives and trains in Sardinia, has been competiting on the EFPT and PWA tour for several years now, yet never had his performance on the water such a huge impact and caused so many upsets, as this year. We caught up with the 25 years old talent from Italy, to find out about his routines and where he wants to take his windsurfing in the future.

EFPT: Since last year we’ve seen a huge progression from you, especially in competition. What has been the key to this success?

Jacopo: I’m not sure, maybe the time. After many years of competition I got more experience, learned a lot by watching others riders and I feel more confident with my sailing now.

Airtime in Lanzarote (by Eric Bellande)

EFPT: What is your favorite RRD set-up? Do you help developing the gear?

Jacopo: The TwinTip 91lt with the StylePro 4.4m. Yes I do help in the R&D process. All the guys of the RRD team works close with John Skye, the sail designer, to improve the gear.

EFPT: In Lanzarote you had to win nine heats in a row, to secure the event win. What were your feelings regarding this?

Jacopo: The day before I won my first double elimination. This gave me confidence but I knew it wouldn’t be easy cause all the riders are ripping! I strongly believed in myself and that I could I make it to the top again.

Warming up at the Toro Andaluz in Tarifa (by Alfonso Gamaza)

EFPT: How did you prepare for this day?

Jacopo: The night before probably I mixed too much food and ended up with stomach problems from 6.30 in the morning. So instead of a good and big breakfast, I had a cup of tea, a lot of lemon juice, nuts and dates. This is also what I was eating and drinking every time a heat finished to give me energy to go on!

EFPT: We’ve seen regular chachoos, one handed burners and spock-konos in all of your heats (just to name a few) Do you have a routine for your heats?

Jacopo: Yes, I have a routine. Before every event I think about the moves I’m able to do for sure in the kind of conditions which I can expect at the spot and I write them down on a paper. However with some riders it’s not enough and you have to take some risks and try something out of the box.

Extreme conditions at the EFPT event in Tarifa (by Alfonos Gamaza)

EFPT: Whats your favorite place to windsurf and where do you train for competition?

Jacopo: My favorite place is Sardinia, where I live and where I train the most. I also like to train in Cape Town because the level there is very high and I can compare myself with others riders. In the past years I used to go Brazil!

EFPT: You are leading the tour at the moment and it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to take the crown from you this season. How does this feel?

Jacopo: I’m happy for how it went until now! Now I am waiting for the last competition to see what is going to happen.  

Flying through a shaka in Lanzarote (by Eric Bellande)

EFPT: What do you still want to achieve in your windsurf career?

Jacopo: Mainly push my level more, have fun, travel around the world and try to do my best in competitions. Since I started to join the PWA I wanted to finish the season in the top 10. This year I had my first experience in PWA wave. I will focus to get better to see where I can go in this discipline.

EFPT: How does your life look apart from windsurfing?

Jacopo: In the past six years I worked as windsurfing teacher in Porto Pollo, Sardinia from spring to autumn but I took a break for the 2017. Besides windsurfing I love to surf!

EFPT: Thank you and good luck for the remaining competitions!