Sessions with the Pro’s – Eliran Levi around Tarifa

May 24th, 2022

After the first European Freestyle Pro Tour event of the year in Austria, the riders dispersed all around the continent. It seems like most chose to go to a similar location though, which Israeli Windsurfer Eliran Levi (F2 Windsurfing) captured on his camera. Known for other raw and powerful clips like Full BRAHA, he put together a quick action clip featuring big names like Jacopo Testa, Antoine Albert and Tony Mottus among others. Check out the clip and read our short interview with Eliran below.

Bitch Lake II by Eliran Levi

FPT: Sick clip, always great to see some raw action from the Pro’s! When was the clip filmed?
Eliran: Thank you! This clip was filmed on 3 different days last week, so fresh action!

FPT: Nice! Thanks for keeping us so up to date with all the riders! I’m sure many people are wondering, where is this “bitch” lake actually and can you tell us a bit more about it?
Eliran: This lake is a bit above Algeciras and Los barrios (35min drive from Tarifa)! I actually don’t know the real name for this lake, but Bitch lake probably suits it best. It was actually dry from 2019 till this winter so we decided to go check it out and eventually got some sick days and a full lake. The first day we filmed there, we were checking the conditions in Punta Ploma, and it was howling 3.6 overpowered. The days before, we talked about the lake and how we should go check it out when its too strong and gusty in Tarifa, so we decided to head there and got our first session done! It was 4.4/4.0 conditions. The next day we got a bit lighter but still a solid 4.4 session. I would only recommend going there if Tarifa is too strong!

FPT: So a quick day trip away from one of Europe’s wind capitals. We’ll keep the details of why the name suits the lake so well under wraps for our younger readers, but in the meantime, how come so many Pro’s were there?
Eliran: Personally I flew there directly after Austria’s competition earlier this month to do some training and F2 gear testing. I guess you could say Tarifa is kind of a hotspot during May. Quite a few riders live here (Antoine, Matteo and Alex) the rest came for some training and some are already here since the start of the winter!

FPT: Must have been great to share these sessions together! You release a lot of iconic clips with many riders enjoying time together on the water, is there another Full BRAHA coming as well? Any other cool plans?
Eliran: First of all, thank you! I’m glad you liked them! I would absolutely love to make another round of Braha, but I am not sure about when my next trip to Fuerte will be. On the other hand I am planning to go to a few places I have never sailed yet – like Capetown and Brazil. So who knows maybe not Braha again soon, but for sure a lot more windsurfing videos and action to come from now on! I had a tough year last year because of an ACL knee injury that needed replacement surgery. I am more than grateful to be able to travel and sail again, and I’m especially thankful to my new sponsor F2 Windsurfing who helped a lot during my rehabilitation process!

FPT: Happy to hear you’re back full force! And we’re already excited to see what the new projects will be named (and of course to see the action!) Thanks a lot for catching up with us for a few words!

Eliran: Thank you to! Some sick stuff is coming, stay tuned!

Full BRAHA 2.5 – one of Eliran’s iconic productions