‘Summer Routine’ – Rick Jendrusch (F2)

October 20th, 2014

Rick Jendrusch (F2) the young Dutch rider just sent us his latest clip. We took the chance to ask him to tell us some more about his ‘Summer Routine’ and asked him about his thoughts about the final EFPT event in France.

About the clip:

‘For me it is a normal day in Holland: I go to work and then it’s windy!!! In that case I normally don’t work that good and my lovely colleagues say ‘Rick ok it’s better you go surfing for one hour and come back afterwards!’

So for me that’s a normal day at one of the best spots in the world in my eyes! I really love the sessions there and also I have the best sessions at my home spot.

It was filmed all in one day at Brouwersdam. Nico Hauske, a german videographer, came over to film the whole day. It was a perfect day out there on my 4.8 and 90 liters F2 Rodeo and we had sunny weather.

Rick at his homespot (pic by Sport in Beeld)

Rick at his homespot (pic by Sport in Beeld)

About the EFPT final in France (European Freestyle Expression):

‘Now I am really looking forward to France! It is the last event of the EFPT and I feel really fit again. The whole year I was not in my best form on the PWA competitions because of too much school and stuff haha! But now I’m ready for it and I want to defend my 5th place and get a higher overall result than last year! So let’s see and hope it will be windy! It is so nice that the prize-money went up now! There will be so many good riders as well! This year the level of the event went up a lot!’

Enjoy the show:

Summer Routine – Rick Jendrusch from Nico Hauschke on Vimeo.