New EFPT logo

February 7th, 2021

After rebranding the EFPT last in 2014, there was no better time to develop a new design than with the changed ownership of the tour in 2021. After the EFPT team and the graphic designer (Lukas Reinelt) had been juggling with ideas for weeks, a vote has been made for a more modern, timeless and generic logo.

The idea is to push for different disciplines within the EFPT, so whilst the main focus remains on freestyle, the possibility to also run European wave events should not be ruled out in the future.

Therefor the colors remained, the waves in front of the sail resemble water, the lines behind the sail resemble wind, the circle around combines all the elements and all the potential disciplines and also stands for our amazing ‚windsurfing planet‘ that we travel, led by wind and water.