Tow-In In Town – Day 3 EFPT Vieste 2023

June 9th, 2023

There’s always action on the Freestyle Pro Tour! With no sufficient winds to continue the Foilstyle double elimination, riders went to the old town of Vieste to practice their Tow-In skills. Setting the perfect backdrop, this Italian town located in the Foggia region managed to inspire athletes like Maaike Huvermann (Severne/Maui Ultra Fins) and Dudu Levi (FutureFly/Gunsails) to put on an exciting show. Check out the highlight video from the sightseeing trip turned Tow-In in Town session on day 3 of the 2023 EFPT Vieste:

Kicking off in the early morning, the sightseeing was of course a cover for the men and women to enjoy some more time on the water. Particularly impressive at this showcase session were current tour leader Lennart Neubauer (Staboard/Severne/Maui Ultra Fins) and Sam Esteve (JP/NeilPryde). The two were already battling it out in the Tow-In rankings in previous years and made sure to put on a ridiculous show on the flat water. Neubauer did a Double Spock of which the second pop basically happened from standstill. In the meantime Esteve was trying to match his Air Funnel record, and despite not quite getting there, he put in three consecutive rotations.

Andreas Rössler in the spotlight. Picture by Protography Official

Andreas Rössler (JP/NeilPryde) took part in his third consecutive Tow-In session and managed to complete a hat-trick of viral-worthy crashes, catching the rail on a full speed Air Funnel. Regardless, he was still putting on a great show for the tourists and local residents of Vieste that started lining the docks. Maaike Huvermann showed that she means business in this discipline, once again improving from run to run after her win in Vesoul 2 weeks ago. Israeli Dudu Levi also came for a coffee to town and decided to wet his gear. Pulling out his regular stance game, he stomped a Culo to send the pigeons flying from the surrounding roofs. 

Jamie Howard (Severne) making the most of a windless day. Picture by Protography Official

Back at the event site, the waiting game was on. A couple of riders decided to go for some Flowstyle to keep their gears oiled. Putting on a bit of a show for the crowds, their wind dance dit not work unfortunately. They did seem to have an effect on the forecast though, with it improving for the last two days of the event! We expect some Foilstyle action on the Saturday, and a full day of Freestyle on Sunday. Want to get some insight into the upcoming eliminations? Join our hosts Greta and Sandy in the Day 3 Morning Show below, to get up to speed with all the match ups. We will be live at 8:30 AM again tomorrow as well, with the full plan for the weekend! See you there!

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