Unveiling the new Freestyle Pro Tour Lycras

April 14th, 2022

We’ve been working very hard on making our tour even more sustainable during the 2022 season. One of the steps we are taking this year is to have one set of lycra’s for each competitor that they will reuse throughout the whole season. This reduces the total amount of lycra’s produced and lets us control the sustainability of the production process as well.  The new lycra’s will be premiered at the upcoming EFPT Surf Opening in Austria, and are made of a marine plastics recycled fabric in cooperation with the Seaqual Initiative. A special feature will be the different colours of the jersey’s. A red and a blue lycra, worn depending on which side of the heat draw a rider is in, and a yellow lycra for whomever is leading the tour. Furthermore each riders sail-number and country flag will also be displayed. Check out a 3D render of our brand new lycra design below:


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We will soon be releasing more information about our sustainability efforts for the 2022 Freestyle Pro Tour, stay tuned!