Who is Corto Dumond

August 11th, 2018

16 years old Corto Dumond started his international windsurfing career with not only one bang, but with a few. After debuting in the EFPT Matas Blancas, Fuerteventura in the end of June where he won the U16 category and ended up in the 9th place in the pro division, Corto has been showing some highly impressive sailing in the following competitions: the EFPT Lanzarote and his first PWA event in Fuerteventura, where he ended up in 18th and 17th place respectively. We spoke to the young talent to find out a bit more about him, his summer on the Canaries and his outlook for the upcoming years.

EFPT: Corto you came to Fuerteventura to compete at your first international event and you came in as a kind of an outsider. People didn’t know much about you. You then won the juniors U16 division AND ended up in an excellent 9th place in the pro division. When did you start windsurfing?

Corto: I started windsurfing when I was seven years old.

EFPT: How was it for you to compete in Fuerte and Lanzarote? What did you like better?

Corto: It was an amazing experience that I never had before. Actually, Lanzarote was special for me with the more tricky competition than in Fuerte, because it was my first time sailing freestyle in this kind of waves. That’s why I would say I preferred Lanzarote, because of the big challenge. It was also nice to be surrounded by so many professionals and after my opinion, the environment was better than in Fuerte.

Corto in the EFPT Lanzarote (by Gwen Marche)

EFPT: It’s the first time you have been to the Canaries – how was your trip so far?

Corto: Yes, actually it was my first time in this beautiful place. This trip was exceptional thanks to the kind of people who live there, their lifestyle etc. I almost enjoy everything, except for the food which was not too healthy.

EFPT: How was your first PWA experience? We saw you sailing super well! What do you like more: to compete against the pros or against the other juniors?

Corto: My first PWA was quite interesting, I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. I learned also that the conditions are not always there and this is the main difficulty, because you have to adapt and find some new strategies. I prefer to compete against the pros, because winning against a pro is hard and it feels more rewarding. 

First PWA experience in Fuerteventura

EFPT: How does your life look apart from windsurfing?

Corto: I practice different kind of sports – not only windsurfing. The kind of sports that I love are spearfishing, surfing and hunting – everything with my friends of course! I come from New Caledonia and when the wind is coming, I’m every day at my spot Côte Blanche. I do practice in waves sometimes, especially for surfing at the reef, that surrounds the lagoon – it is is the largest lagoon in the world.

EFPT: Who is your idol?

Corto: My idols are my parents, because they are very generous with me and support me all the time in what I want to do.

EFPT: Favourite sailor to watch?

Corto: Definitely Amado Vrieswijk.

EFPT: Who do you like to sail with?

Corto: My friends and my opponents in the contest.

On top of the U17 podium at the PWA Fuerteventura

EFPT: Who do you want to compete against one day?

Corto: Against as many pros as possible.

EFPT: What’s the goal in windsurfing?

Corto: To have fun first and maybe one day to be at the top of the international windsurfers list.

EFPT: Best music?

Corto: DJ Styx

EFPT: Best food?

Corto: Meat, rice, salty food, fish.

EFPT: How do you think will your next 5 years look like?

Corto: I’ll never stop training, never give up, doing as many competitions as I can and be able to study for my future and continue windsurfing. 

EFPT: Thank you Corto! We can’t wait to see what the future will bring! Good luck with your upcoming competitions and training!

Corto Dumond and Lennart Neubauer in Fuerteventura