EFPT 18U Champion 2018

October 24th, 2018

We are looking back in a great season and an amazing final event in Brouwersdam, where the new EFPT champions in several divisions were awarded. However, due to the lack of 18U competitors, the result of the junior division 18U from the EFPT in Fuerteventura, earlier this year, also represents the overall result for the season. Eugenio Marconi, from Italy turning 17 this year, won his age division by displaying some great competition sailing.

We wanted to know a little bit more about our new 18U EFPT champion 2018 and invited him for a small interview.

EFPT: How does it feel to win the EFPT 18U title?
Eugenio: Stoked and super happy because this was the first time that I competed in the EFPT!

Eugenio in the EFPT Matas Blancas (by Gwen Marche)

EFPT: Since when do you windsurf? Since when freestyle?
Eugenio: I started when I was six for fun with my father in Greece. I started freestyle in 2014 in Greece thanks to Phoivos Tsoupras.

EFPT: Homespot?
Eugenio: Senigallia (editors note: Adriatic coast of Italy, close to Ancona)

Eugenio training in Italy

EFPT: Favorite Spot?
Eugenio: Risco el Paso, Fuerteventura)

EFPT: How often do you train?
Eugenio: Whenever it’s windy!

EFPT: How does life look apart from windsurfing?
Eugenio: Apart from windsurfing, life is rather stressful, I have to study a lot everyday for the school. I’m lucky that I have very good friends to enjoy my free time, when waiting for the wind.

EFPT: How was your first international event at the EFPT Fuerteventura?
Eugenio: It was a fantastic experience in Matas Blancas even if I was really nervous. 

Eugenio Marconi is the new EFPT 18U Champion

EFPT: Who do you want to sail against in a heat?
Eugenio: Tonky Frans!

EFPT: Best trick?
Eugenio: Culo, Air Bob

EFPT: Moves you are working on?
Eugenio: Culo into Spock, Bonka

EFPT: Freesailing or Competition sailing?
Eugenio: Freesailing with friends

EFPT: Favorite rider?
Eugenio: Gollito Estredo

EFPT: What motivates you?
Eugenio: When I go windsurfing I feel free and powerful

EFPT: What are the goals for the future?
Eugenio: Hope to be in the podium again in the next season! Fingers crossed!! 

Watch Eugenios latest video:

FREESTYLE IN GREECE 2018 ( I-312 ) from Eugenio Marconi on Vimeo.