Who is Riccardo Marca?

November 5th, 2014

Looking at the entrants-list of the final EFPT event in Six Fours les Plages a lot of young promising riders joined the tour this time. All of them show a bright future, yet there is one rider that is predicted a promising career in the windsurfing sport by the EFPT crew. Riccardo Marca, 18 years old, North/Fanatic rider from Italy who impresses not only with his freestyle-windsurfing skills but also with his personality. The upcoming talent has his head screwed on and knows exactly where to take his windsurfing career and how to reach it. We sat down with him to find out: ‘Who is Riccardo Marca?’

EFPT: Riccardo can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Riccardo:  I am 18 years old and born in Riccione, a town at the Adriatic Sea and I moved to Sardinia last year to train windsurfing. I moved there with a friend and I will finish highschool there. I am in my last year in school now.

EFPT: Where do you train and what is your favorite maneuver?

Riccardo: I am training in Sant’ Antioco, a small island in the South of Sardinia. Its a nice place because it it windy a lot, also in the wintertime. I am training new moves like burners and culos but also skopus, konos and switch konos on both tacks. My favorite move is the shaka. It’s one of the first moves I learned but its still one of my favorite ones. I also like kabikuchis, but I need to train them a bit more.

Riccardo Marca (pictures by the EFPT and Kaitza Camus)

Riccardo Marca (pictures by the EFPT/Kaitza Camus)

EFPT: Did you compete in national freestyle windsurfing events before? What is your best result?

Riccardo: I started to compete on a national level in the Italian championships two years ago, but both times were not really windy. The first time there was no wind at all and this year we only finished the single elimination.

EFPT: Who is your favorite freestyle windsurfer and why?

Riccardo: I really like the style of Kiri, because everything looks so easy. I also like Steven’s windsurfing, he is a real athlete and you can see it when he windsurfs that he trains on and off the water. I think this is really important.

EFPT: What inspires you and who do you like to sail with?

Riccardo: I really like rock music like the Doors and the Rolling Stones and I like to listen to music before a session, it inspires and motivates me. Mostly I enjoy sailing with my friends and to train together with them.

Riccardo in action

Riccardo in action

EFPT: This is your first EFPT competition. How do you like the event?  

Riccardo: I really like being here, especially because it’s my first event where I meet and sail with all the pros. I hope that I can compete also in the next EFPT events next year. I wanted to come to the EFE because I saw pictures of it from the years before when there was a lot of wind and it looked great! Also it is not so far for me to go to. I usually compete in the EFPkT and also in the World Juniors but this year the Worlds championship was in Bonaire and I couldnt go, so I decided to give it a try on the EFPT.

EFPT: What do you think about the tow-in competition?

Riccardo: I don’t really like to do tow-in. I like it better to watch the guys doing the show. For me it’s not really windsurfing but it’s good to have something for the specators. Yesterday there were a lot of people on the beach watching, so I guess it’s also good for the event organisers and the sponsors.

EFPT: Did you prepare for this competition and if yes how?

Riccardo: I changed my lifestyle a bit also outside the water. I started to train and eat well and when it was windy I went windsurfing of course! I go for runs and I have exercises that I am doing in the gym and after my windsurfing sessions I do some stretching. Windsurfing-wise I was a bit unlucky this year because I spent my summer in Naxos, Greece but there wasn’t too much wind. Then I came back to Sardinia and there wasn’t so much wind either.


Tow-in action & after a workout on the beach of Six Fours (pics by EFPT/Alexis Fernet)

EFPT: Since when are you with North and Fanatic and what is your favorite set-up?

Riccardo: I started to ride Fanatic and North in 2013. My favorite set-up is the 93  lt Skate and I really like the 4.8 ltd Idol from North and also the 5.2. I was with Novevnove and Challenger before but I changed to Fanatic/North because they made me a better offer in the end.

EFPT: What are your goals for next year and the future?

Riccardo: Especially windsurfing. My life is all about it now. My goal ist to improve. I want to compete in the PWA as well and become an international teamrider of Fanatic and North. I would also like to help with the development of equipment and join them at photoshoots. About my education I am undecided, maybe university. I think you can’t live forever from being a windsurf pro so I think I will have to study something. Maybe in another country outside of Italy because I would like to learn English better or even another language. Let’s see!

Riccardo at the EFE (picture by Kaitza Camus)

Riccardo at the EFE (picture by Kaitza Camus)