Yentel Caers back on JP / Neilpryde

January 28th, 2021

The reigning European and World champion Yentel Caers signs again with JP and Neilpryde, who had been supporting him already a few years back. Returning to the brands team with two champion titles in his pocket motivates the young Belgian sailor even more to defend them in the upcoming competition season, as he states in his interview on the JP Australia website. Being back on two of the most renown brands in the windsurfing industry, Caers hopes to push the development of the gear even further, win competitions and shoot videos, that shall not only impress freestyle windsurfers, but motivate new people to get into this sport. We cannot wait to see our European Champion promote the sport and the projects he’ll and his team come up with. Good luck for 2021 Champ!

Yentel Caers testing the new JP/Neilpryde gear