Freestyle Action Roundup – October

November 4th, 2022

Full on freestyle windsurfing action in October! We absolutely love to see riders uploading their best action, and in October we were treated to a host of quality video’s from around the world. In this month’s Freestyle Action Roundup feature we will see tricks thrown down on water as flat as a pancake, on the hydrofoil and in some gnarly strong wind conditions! Strap in, enjoy the show and get inspired for your next freestyle windsurfing session!

First up will be a frenzy of freestyle tricks from Prasonisi on the Island of Rhodes, Greece. Multiple riders got captured on camera in some perfect flat water conditions, with an added kicker for good measure from time to time.

Featuring in the video are: Adam Sims (Sailloft), Tomek Wyrzykowski, Manolis Chrysopoulos (JP/NeilPryde), Robert Sosnowski, Mikolaj Maszka, Tigo Kort (JP/NeilPryde), Pawel Szulga, Maarten Molenaar, Pawel Palichleb (Duotone/Fanatic), Pawel Szulc and Michal Ruszkowski. The video makes us want to go and explore this freestyle windsurfing paradise!

Keeping with the flat water, up and coming german ripper Sebastian Buder (Severne) travelled down to Leucate in September and worked on his power moves:

Amazing improvement from the German living in Kiel. It seems the city is really a breeding place for freestyle talent. Check out our spot guide for the area to find out just why everyone is improving so much there.

Another rider enjoying the flats was Kieren Roan. Taking on the Hunstanton Sand Bank at low tide he managed to capture a few moves on camera:

Another place we’d love to visit! However, if one doesn’t have access water this flat, another solution is to go out in lighter winds on the foil. Foilstyle king Balz Muller (Severne) released another action packed video, this time with Michael Naf (Severne). The two take on their home lakes in Switzerland with style:

We will never get enough of looking at what seems to be a defiance of physics. A rider who seems to be pretty good at these physics as well is Meiky Wieczorek (Starboard/Severne). The german spent another summer in Karpathos and released his highlight clip this month:

Quality action as always!

The month October also hosted a couple of events that had amazing freestyle action in them! Check out the highlight video from the PWA in Sylt where Adrien Bosson (Fanatic/Duotone/MUF) claimed his first world title:

Short but sweet! The conditions definitely looked more challenging than the flatwater videos a the top of this video roundup…

Another event hosting freestylers was the OBX Wind in Cape Hatteras. Check out the action featuring some of America’s best freestylers:

Alex Mertens (Fanatic/Duotone), Mike Burns (Severne) and Phil Soltysiak (Starboard) were all in the mix, along with a couple of the Bonaire boys! Stay tuned for a full report from the event, coming very soon.

That’s it for this month! We will see you back at the start of December to update you on the best video’s from November.